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By December 6, 2015
Walter Nyamilandu

Nyamilandu: Said Flames performance is satisfactory.

…its an insult to Malawians- Yabwanya, Mijiga

The incumbent Football Association of Malawi (Fam) president Walter Nyamilandu surprised Malawians when he confidently labelled the Malawi National Football Team (the Flames) as one of the best teams in Africa.

Speaking during a debate organised by Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) for Fam’s presidential candidates at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe on Saturday evening, Nyamilandu said his 12-year tenure has transformed the performances of the Flames.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Malawi National Football team is no longer a punching bag. We qualified for the 2010 African Cup of Nations and we can attract teams like Algeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and many more African giants.”

Willy Yabwanya Phiri

Yabwanya Phiri: Turned hi ire on Nyamilandu. .

“Look at the rankings, we have now managed to maintain a two digit number for quite some time. Its very unfortunate that we slipped from 97 to 107 but so far so good for the Flames,” said Nyamilandu.

But responding to the remarks, Nyamilandu’s competitors Willy Yabwanya and Wilkins Mijiga trashed the incumbent saying Malawi’s performance for the last decade has been disappointing.

“At 51, Malawi gets beaten by a newly South Sudan at Cecafa, are we progressing? Our team has performed miserably for the past decade because of poor planning so if you have failed for the past ten years, why now?” asked Yabwanya.

Mijiga echoed with Yabwanya saying it was very unfortunate to hear from Nyamilandu who instead of telling Malawians the truth, was busy lying.

The incumbent Fam president has been at the helm of the association for the past 12 years. The Flames only managed to qualify for Afcon once under his leadership.


  1. No body.de aim iz make money,az part of job.

  2. Walter

  3. Pangani manyazi ayeseko ena inu munayesa zidakukanikani ndiye pakufunika kupeleka mpata kwaena sizachibanja izi ayi ,zowona mmalawi muno wazelu ndiwe ongokonda timu imodzi ena adzivutika koma ukakakamila ndikuwina mobela uzachoka ndizikwanje

  4. Dali Kondi says:

    Try Yabwanya and we will not regret. He is capable of developing football in Malawi. Walter must go now.

  5. Why are you clinging to that position,are you the only one who knows football?

  6. 14yrz akut akubulder team kkkkk, basi zipta water ndakunyumwa kkkk

  7. Walter its time to let go the hot seat to others with fresh ideas.

  8. amene angapange lead malawi football to success ndi coach nde ngati kuli Mtawali no any FAM president can achiev that feet or blatter atabwera kuno kudzatenga udindowo..

  9. Akangowina walter ndekut palowa corruptn, cz ife tikut ayi we wnt a new face

  10. Lets try another one, bt not walter enanxo ayese nao

  11. May be walter but football in malawi is really my concern nyamililandu if u win take football @ international level my concern is dat football become boring to watch malawi soccer stupid lyk coz u leaders hav no vision to improve our soccer

  12. Because of poverty Walter is deal. But in real sense he needs to Goooooo…..! He have nothing to offer to our stanted football. Unfortunatly those who will vote are all greedy fellas. Killing our shiboboooo

  13. a.p says:

    @ arthur adam do you mean that walter was/is farm president or is he involved in farming activities?sorry he is FAM president not farm pres. he is not contesting on farm pres. but fam. it is his democratic right to do so

  14. Football is not progressing in Malawi, let us try someone apart from Nyamilandu. My question is it life position.CHANGE.

  15. For those who dont know yabwanya,he was born to help,am sure he will make it

  16. Akathane Kaye ndi cash gate yaku ntchito kwakeKo wawononga kale zinthu ameneyo akapume bas.more ova this is not politics bt football!

  17. I hav no negative altitude against nyamilandu,but i would love to see new talents froms others. I hop yabwanya can do the best 4 malawian,

  18. Nyamilandu has got nothing to offer and its too late. Let others have a chance and take Malawi football to another level. Bt for Nyamilandu, this is the right time to go to his garden and plant maize.

  19. Noto Dyson says:

    It’s not a family matter, Walter should go.

  20. ben phiri says:

    l work @ llovo this man has a casegate close to billion so kick him out & those who will vote for him you will seeee hoogalise

  21. tired of nyamulandu aaaaaaa

  22. Walter has tarnished the image of tumbukas

  23. Atumbuka alephera tiyeseko MIJIGA

  24. John Phiri says:

    kodi pano anakwatita walter mukunenayi

  25. Nyamilandu ayi,he is involved in Illovo Cash Gate.

  26. We need new blood,may b things wil change.

  27. Amalawi timakonda kubwereza ma mistake mavuto sazatha Walter walephera kutumikira amalawi palibe chachirendo angabweretse ku mpira wathu sanabadwe ndi udindo ena ayesenso tione ife sitikumuna!!!!!!!

  28. Amalawi kamtima katsankho ndichifukwa chaka mukukakamira munthu woti walowetsa mpira wathu pasi,chosecho mwai woti mkusintha zinthu ulipo.

  29. Go n rest Nyamilandu, lets hv new face, may be things can change for better.

  30. Nyamilandu will hardly go. The problem is that there is no clause to weigh his performance and time when the President shu be on the position. Two terms are enough and from this background our football will change basi.

  31. bumbu nchuma says:

    let others take over from mr walter plz

  32. Nyamilandu asawine ndi wa cashgate

  33. Plz wota find something to do for your living. Pakadafunda panajiwitsa galu.sizakumagazi izi ayi pelekani mwayi kwa ena plz.

  34. The thing is that the manifestos by contenders are not even near us.The ones to vote are likely to have seen what all these candidates are talking about.Let the voters decide for us after a through scrutiny of the manifestos.We can make nuisance of ourselves in vain.Bare in mind too that the two contenders do not know the ins and outs of football.Our neighbour took Kalusha Bwalya into administration.Why would we go for pple who have nothing about football.Where did the two play football.I heard one contender intends to bar Nyasa Group from sponsoring BB.

  35. Maximum Mlupiha(The Minister of Injustice) says:

    Bola Chisi

  36. Willy Yabwanya Phiri

  37. Man u hv 2 go.u hv provd wat u’r capable of.

  38. victor mtali says:

    Hhhhmmm Nyamilandu what speachless u are bringing, just accept that your decade 86% was very bad to us as Malawians. Off course u have wasted state money which is ours but never bring a joy. Look where Flames is ? 100 plus, what fuck. Its shameful and greedy to here that u want to contest. Hey u better u go with ur ass.

  39. Waziwa liti walter yu kuti malawi is not a punching bag. Akapume

  40. Atumbuka akapatsidwa udindo amakakamira ngati afiti!

  41. You wish Walter to win again claiming he hav to complete his mission? mmh My fellow Malawians is there any person who had completed his/her job? Even Dr.H Kamuzu he didn’t.Walter should pack and gooo!!!!

  42. No more Walter Nyamilandu, pliz. The what kind of a change has he brought about? We need new broom in our FA

  43. Malawi is a democratic country and therefore change is always a must if needed…..likewise in the government…just like my friend Arthur Adamu puts it….so Malawi…lets come together and fight this unnecessary dictatorship which has already been costing us alot…..

  44. Mose Mourinho says:

    Mongokukumbutsani bwana Nyamilandu kuti tsabola wakale sawawa….2010 tinapanga qualify inde,koma nanga ndekuti Malawi ingokhala ndimbiri yoti inapangapo qualify kamodzi kokha basi? Vomelezani kuti zakukanikani….apatseni ena mpata nawonso tiwawone nzeru zawo. Ur services are no longer required bwana!!

  45. Wapondereza zinthu zambiri gyz tiyese wina.

  46. Mijiga Emweyo Kuti Wawawaa! Very Intelligent!

  47. That’s the only problem in our country hw long should u be the president of farm that even applies in politics the same old gurus still wanna rule isn’t it tym that u could go home and rest a bit, or are u the only wise pple in the country

  48. Walter kapume tioneko ena ngati ndiufumu??

  49. Walter, ndiwakuba, tiwone anthu ena

  50. Amene mukuti Walter simuutsatira mpira mmalawi muno kodi Malawi under 17 18 komanso 20 ilikutiko panopa? now under 23 cecafa ikuchitika but where is our 23 team? and nkumati zikuyenda bwino is it true? its better we must try someone for the sake of our football

  51. The two sides of a coin ,are worthy the value of a coin..FAM has done with one side of a coin..which is

    Walter…Now lets turn the other side of a coin..thats for Willy or Wilkins …

  52. yabunya is dull, mijiga is boastful and nyamilandu is a dictator zisandikhudze.

  53. Walter..u have failed the Malawi soccer fraternity….plz allow others to lead and i dont see the reason why u shld even contest..

  54. upresident waFam siulingat ufumu woti timadikila yemwealipo azamwalire kaye ndipomwe tizasankhewina ayi!!Anyamilandu nthawi yawo yatha asiireko anzawo nawo alamulirepo.Sizaufumu izi .

  55. Ask Uganda, S Sudan, Tanzania, Namibia …. Who Their Punching Bag Has Been Lately????? . What’s The Explanation On The Suspension At Illovo? Akusaka Pothawira Awa….

  56. Tiye nazo walter

  57. I didn’t even know we had a Football organisation in malawi. Ndie mwati FAM imatani?

  58. i want walter to win but hope he loses

  59. Mijiga is capable of taking over the presidency this coming sartuday water wandikwana ngat bala lapathako isiii

  60. this is how Dictators are made in Africa!! I am sorry to say this! No matter how good a Leader is chance should be given to others.. what do you expect munthuyo wakhala pampandowo zaka over 10 ndiye angalephere kuyankha mafunso?

  61. water out out out in Jesus name- this man has made the game to be of poor standards

  62. Iwould like to have new face on the chair!

  63. All the best Mr Nyamilandu.

  64. Zaka sonzezi unalikuti galu

  65. While the argument that Watler has overstayed could hv a point, it still remains that the guy has achieved alot. He has improved and brought sanity in the game. If what FAM used to be (before Walter) is anything to go by, I wld rather maintain Walter than risking the game into wrong hands.

  66. Tiyeni tivomereze kuti sitiziwa mpira zikutivuta chifukwa cha umphiwi wathu musathe mawu ndiku munyoza munthu ayi sitizazwanso mpira mpaka kalekale

  67. walter yemweyo

  68. Chitchonkho says:

    Sitikukana kuti under ur(Nyamilandu) leadershp flames manage to qlyfy but the thing is,nzeru zanu zaimira pomwepo ena apitirize pomwe mwalekezera.Mtawali sangatithandize ndi under 20 yakeyo,look Italy they r still taking pirlo,England(carrick)zambia(mbesuma)ivory cost(yaya and kolo toure)mexico(raphael maquez) jst to mention a few.ena abwere inu kapumeni.

  69. munthu ngati akulephera kulongosola zomwe walemba mumanfesto yake ndiye kuti angakwanitse kulamulira?..mijiga ndi yabwanya akanangovomereza…mwina ndikumupempha walter kuti akhale ma understudy.

  70. Nyamilandu watikwana kodi akukamira chani azipota

  71. Walter ndi dhilu osati mbuzi zinazi

  72. Frah Lita says:

    mwatikwa anyamilandu iya,amalawi tiyeni tionek o enawa kungo ona ngat udindo wakumuzi kwanu??

  73. Frah Lita says:

    mwatikwa anyamilandu iya,amalawi tiyeni tionek o enawa kungo ona ngat udindo wakumuzi kwanu??

  74. walter! wapanga kumbali ako…u cant do better that this..siyilako ena tione kusintha.

  75. Nyamilandu ndi dhilu!

  76. Dziko lamalawi ndizitsilu zake.zikungoti nyamilandu.penampakandimazifutsa mwene koma malawi why

  77. Ameneyudi adzachoka ndizikwanje ngati angawinenso


  79. Yabwanya akuti akawina flames yizikapangira training ku Canada. All costs charged to Yabwanya’s account. Nde Fisher akapezeke kumeneko akabwerako??

  80. Thinking that only man is capable like is athought which has made malawi more poorer now.uyutu walephera simukuona?pa fida tikungogwa ,magem kumangoluza,chonde a malawi kaganizidwe aka katipwetekesa.moti mpaka tizingokula opanda chikho?azeru ambirmbiriwa?sheet walter panja!thas wy tikungosauka chifukwa chomangosankhira dzina,

  81. high time walter stepped down as FAM president… dude is killing our soccer

  82. Walter Nya Milandu Mu Office Ya FAM Sadalimo Ekha, Muli Anthu Ena Amene Amamupanga Remote. Nya Milandu Ndimamudziwa Akawina Pofunika Akhale Pansi Ndikusankhanso Best Mastermind Commitee Yomwe Ingathe Kutukula Mpira Pamalawi. Nya Milandu Ndi Head Wa FAM Ndizowona Kuti Zinthu Ngati Sizikuyenda Bwino Pa Congress Timatchula Wapatsolo Ndiye Amene Akulakwitsa. Koma Ngati Tingasithe Nya Milandu Tidziwe Kuti Enawonso Adzapanga Zinthu Zoipa Zoposa Nya Milandu. Kukhalatsa Pampando Kumatathauza Kuti Ntchito Yomwe Anthu Adakusakhira Ukuigwira Mokomera Ali Yense. Nya Milandu Akawinanso Ndichikonzero Cha Mulungu Kuti Zitero, Akalemba Walemba Palibe Amene Angafufute. #WALTERNYAMILANDUFORPRESIDENT.

  83. To all of u saying nyamilangu should go u have the right to say that but i beg u to suport him if he wins coz by then it wil not help 4 us to keep on criticising him plus his win wil prove that he has been doin fine 4 the past yrs @ the possition

  84. tiyese ena bac. mmmmmmmh. manwa Ndiokanika. ngat alepher zaka zonsez sangakoze pan

  85. Amalawi anazolowera kuthamangitsidwa paudindo basi, Walter adzachoka ndidzikwanje akangowinaso sakuwadziwa a Malawi kukakamila kumeneku akudziwa kuti sali clean, nanga ku Malawiko munthu ndi Walter basi?.

  86. Palibe Amene Ndikumuwona Oti Angalimbane Ndi Nyamilandu

  87. Malawi Soccer says:


    Very laughable
    and absurdable!

    Walter Nyamilandu has failed Malawians and let other people take over.

    Nyamilandu has a very big problem of being a Mr Know it all, hence poor showing of the flames!

  88. Enao ngakhalel maina awo ndi ovuta kuwatchula! Kkkk hahaha NYAMILANDU yemweyo!.

  89. Komadi Guys zowona munthu modzi yekhayekha mpaka zaka 100 ayi sichoncho.Tiyeni tiyeseko enawa plz tione zina

  90. Henry Hawe says:

    One Party System

  91. Nyamilandu

  92. congrats Walter

  93. Why always Walter Manda? Mpaka 12 yrs but the team s perfomance still poor than it was in the 80s, We want change am saying Nothing But pack up and Go

  94. w need achange nomore nyamilandu, let us learn kuti ndizosiyilana

  95. Symon Moyo says:

    Not the Blatter W

  96. Mwina tiyese pa anthu awiri enawo koma Walter nde apumeko tiyese nzeru zina

  97. Symon Moyo says:

    We need another W from the the two outside of office

  98. wilkins bx

  99. Wilkins Mijiga

  100. Nyamilandu ndi dhilu enawa akundiseketsa kwambiri

  101. Henric Sai says:

    Za ziiiiiiii walter akapume basi amalawi dyera basi mxm

  102. Wilkins hs vision on developing football and he is intelligent

  103. Nokha mukudziwa Nyamilandu ndi dhilu & enawa angochita chifukwa chakuti angapite unopposed. All the best Walter.

  104. Nyamilandu??????? no more improvement to malawis football.

  105. Ine kwa ine nyamilandu ndeee ayi

  106. Kodi chimene Walter akukakamira mpandowu ndichiyani? Mkuluyu ngwadyera seriously ngati walephera kusintha zinthu in 14yrs wakhala president wa FAM sizingatheke kuzisintha mu zaka 4 tiyeni tiwone zina guys

  107. Nyamilandu should go we need new faces.

  108. Nyamilandu forlife no one can compete that position, he is the best ever.

  109. Nyamilandu takes a stand no 1 cn shake him.

  110. Awaste of tym.

  111. walter should go we need new faces nw 12yrs is enough

  112. Nyamilandu is the best.

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