Businessman arrested for pointing a gun at MRA Officials


Police in the commercial city of Blantyre have arrested Managing Director of Fadeth Furniture for threatening to shoot officials of Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) with a gun.

Arrested.The businessman, , threatened to shoot MRA officials who were checking the effectiveness of Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) at his place of business.

Confirming the development, MRA spokesperson Steven Kapoloma said the incident happened on November 25.

” Our officials were on duty on that day, to check if people are really using the EFD around Blantyre but they were unable to check at Fadeth Furniture because the owner threatened them with his rifle. ”

Reacting on the matter, MRA involved the police who have arrested Chirwa,” said Kapoloma. Chirwa is yet to appear in court to answer charges of threatening officials of MRA contrary to section 51 of Value Added Tax (VAT).

MRA introduced EFD to ensure collection of VAT on goods and services in the country.

The machine summarizes sales transaction of the day before sending the data to MRA main server.



  1. olo anakamuombela nayo anthu amenewa amanyanya katangale…penapali ponse kufuna kudyapo basi….ai mwatikwana ndipo mwaonjeza

  2. Bwanji osakamumanganso mmwenye uja mwini wake wa Home Pharmacy pafupi ndi Mike Appel and Gatto poti iyenso samapeleka ma receipt a EFD mpaka amalalata kuti tikasume kulikonse tikagula mankhwala nkumuuza kuti atipatse receipt.Pharmacy yake yasiyana pati ndi Mudi,Kabula ,Livingstone Towers ndi ena ambiri omwe amapereka receipt ngakhale tingogula panadol wa K200?

  3. Malawi is a poor country and it’s people are also poor, and many Malawians are suffering because of MRA .We are heavily TAXED by these people. Akanangoombera basi

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