Top Peoples Party members defect to DPP


Malawi’s governing, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) yesterday welcomed two People’s Party (PP) members  in Nkhatabay district.

Jappie Mhango

Mhango: Welcomed the defectors.

Welcoming the new members was DPP’s National Campaign Director, Jappie Mhango, who expressed happiness that people are appreciating the good work DPP is doing in the country.

”We are happy that two members have joined the party and we will work with them,” Mhango said.

Mhango said that the members, Esnart Nyambari and Professor David Mbande, have joined a massive party that will rule up to 2040.

In his remarks, Mbande who was once a member of the DPP before defecting to PP, said that he was a lost sheep and has come to continue where he stopped.

Nyambari reiterated that she wants to work with the DPP in a more dedicated and diligent manner as she did with late Bingu wa Muthalika’s government.

About 88 other PP members defected to the ruling party on the same day.




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  2. Parties belong to people but people do not belong to parties. It is for this reasoning that parties campaign and compete for popular vote at end of 5 years. Party that wins hearts of majority grabs power to rule. That is democracy.

  3. Nsonda ndiye alowela kut? poti ulad mussa sindikumuona bwino kukhala ngati wachigwira chipan ndi iyeyo khalekhale mumva kuti masten amusiyila iye mpando

  4. #mensa,kulankhula kopandanako zelu, inuyo,iweyo, ineyo ngati tili ndi manu okwana mkamwa mwathu sifeyo madolo, ena umakhala ukalamba, ena matenda, kamwa losalankhula bwinolo lakukopani mpaka mwalivotera nkukhala pampando lero ndi president wanu, mukadakhala kapena kuti ukadakhala kuti iweyo umadziwa zamawa nkadakuvesa koma suziwa zamawa usamalankhule ngti vendende, wava ? Kwanu kulibeko okalamba? Osamakhala mmanyazi pofuna kulankhula bwanji?

  5. They are the birds of the same feather they flock together . They dont have the welfare of the pple at heart .They bought very expensive cars while ordinary malawians are sleeping with empty stomach . Woe to them

  6. Adzaithawanso dpp amenewo, peter asanaikidwe mmanda kukalowa chipani cha saulosi chilima. Remember once beaten twice shy!

  7. Moto umapita komwe kwasala tchire, nanga ku pompoooo ko akapangako chani? Chatha chipani, voisi vandayoso sakunvekeara anawo atani abwere kuchipani chomwe chatsala panyasaland pano ndiye dpp

  8. kkk ayiwonera patali akudziwa kuti pamalawi palibe chipani chomwe chingagwetse the mighty party Dpp osamakakamilira mtunda wopanda madzi wellcome nkhosa zotaika zija izi koma mudziwiretu ku Dpp kulibe cashigate kapena kugawa mbuzi ayi

  9. Amene anapanga benefit ndi ndale ku malawi ndi chimunthu banda yekha …nonse inu mudzatha ngati prof mphande ,, prof peter mwanza , ralph kasambala etc ……..

  10. They are bankrupt and due to high number of unemployment they know that if they don’t do so nobody will buy a coffin for them because they are already finished

  11. Dpp woyeee! Up 2040 boma! Wina alira! 2+88 unborn babies have been defected from PP and joined our ruling party (DPP) ,2019 we Dpp members, we know that MCP ndi Lazurus Chakwera akulowa mu boma.koma ifeyo a Dpp 2040 ndiye muzationa m’bebe tikufuna kulowaso m’boma.

  12. That’s not new to malawian.They alwys doing that these politician.This is reason we fail to fight corruption in goverment.They ar using our tax payer money to boost their political parties.

  13. Same pipo who dumped dpp few minutes after media houses announced the death of Bingu & now JB is exile asowa kopita alandireni bola asakutithaweso pasogoro

  14. Jappie , 2040 , area you serious ? We know that you are a Catholic Christian , please just keep on praying intead of dating the same lady with your VP.

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