Manje road construction pegged at K403 million


The Malawi government has set aside K403 million to be used for a construction of a tarmac road to Manje township.

Misesa ward councillor Louis Ngalande said the development has come at a right time since the condition of the road becomes really horrible during rainy and dry seasons.

Construction“This will bring a good shape since traveling will be easy, and I urge those people who have their shucks to give way when time arises,” Ngalande said.

However, government has indicated that there are no funds to compensate anybody whose property may be affected due to the construction of the road.

“Some people build their things close to the road deliberately so that they should be compensated when the project commences. Now the only thing people will benefit is the development, they should not expect any cash,” said Chief Kapeni.

The road which is four kilometres long will start from Angelo Goveya to Tiziwane via Kapeni.