Walter Nyamilandu’s candidature hangs by thread


Walter Nyamilandu’s fourth term bid as the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president has hit a snag following FIFA’s new reforms on elections and terms of members of the body and the President term limits.

The World Soccer governing body had a meeting on Monday in Switzerland where the Reform Committee which was appointed by the six confederations of FIFA in August, resolved that no FIFA or any Football Association must stay in office for not more than 12 years.

“Elections and terms of members of the FIFA Council and the Presidential Term Limits-Maximum of 12 years for the FIFA President and its affiliates with an age limit of 74 years of age,” reads the reforms.

Walter Nyamilandu

Nyamilandu: His candidature in taters.

This will mean that the incumbent Fa president, who has been at the helm of Malawi’s soccer governing body for the past 12 years will not be eligible to run for a fourth term despite being nominated by six of the nine associations affiliated to FAM.

Nyamilandu had announced that he would not dare to seek for another term in office during the upcoming polls, only to change his tune weeks later, claiming that the majority of the affiliates pleaded with him to stay for another term.

Some weeks ago, FAM’s election body opened the campaign period where among other things, all the aspiring candidates vying for various seats, were nominated by the affiliates.

Surprisingly, with seven nominations out of the expected nine made, Nyamilandu received six with the other nomination given to Karonga United sponsor Willy Yabwanya Phiri.

However, with the latest FIFA reforms, it is not known as to whether the incumbent will still go ahead with the plan of standing for a fourth term or not.



  1. Nyamilandu a FIFA akugwila pakhosi mdziko lako lomwe? Tinene kuti iweyo ndevu pwiphwi ngati ukumetetsa sulankhulapo? mwana wa Mr FAM taona anthu angoookunena

  2. Nyamilandu a FIFA akugwila pakhosi mdziko lako lomwe? Tinene kuti iweyo ndevu pwiphwi ngati ukumetetsa sulankhulapo? mwana wa Mr FAM taona anthu angoookunena

  3. We are tired of this so called walter madzi wamilandu, we want new blood who can develop our malawi interms of sports. Get lost madzi amilandu

  4. Its time for another face too much same person and at the end you become too big thinking you are untouchable sorry sir for that.

  5. Andrew Cane Chilapondwa u could have asked nyamilandu kuti umvee maganizo ake after FIFA announced that then ulembe apa not conclusion yako yopusayi kut it is not known as to whether the incumbent will still go ahead with the plan of standing for a fourth term or not.

  6. Thats the way a cookie crumbles: Every game comes to an end; Whats so special about Walter he has ruined our football; 12 wasted years; Time to pack up & go your time is up: When is this FIFA rule starting, this year or next year?

  7. Inu a Malawi24 lembani ntchito anthu amene amadziwa English osati za ma broken English zanuzi mukuonjeza. Article yanuyi check on the use of “no” and “not”. I hope you will understand what I am trying to say.

  8. Stars in the hands of creator doesnt struggle to shine ,water does struggle to flow when in Gods hands,as a self claimed man of God Walter you need to appreciate this and pave a way for others,corruption of any kind is not accepted in the eyes of the Lord,be gentle ,leave this and rest as this will pay back honour.leadership always change !

  9. shame on you the affiliates who nominated and Walter to be FAM life president, its time he packs up and go. We need flesh and new dynamic ideas. bwalo ndilosiyirana tione. ena kuti dance yawo atchola bwanji?

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  12. koma Walter ulpamavuto akulu kkkkkk wakumana nazo kape iwe pepatu paja akt ndiwe opemphera kmabe nzeru mulbe mwamva kkkkkk pepan abusa

  13. Koma kumeneko !!! Mulungu si munthudi wamenyera nkhondo anthu ake iye akati ayi palibe amati ee olo ziphuphu samalola, nthawi yakwana kuti mpira ku malawi uyambe kuyenda bwino kupanda a fifa uyutu akanakhala life president wagwa nayo!


    • its time to look for somebody who can turn around flames fortunes plus manage the gate collections and the so called Nyamilandu should be investigated12 years he can not go with no mismanagement record

    • its good now that he is gonna be out of office, football arena will now enjoy new administration style hopefully a winning one and the issue of sponsorship to other teams may be available not this mau mau who could work against a team openly yet he was a top football administrator. Bravo FIFA but too late, you let that fool again to rule world football body until he started using working stick meaning become extremely old.

  15. our own model Sepp Walter Nyamilandu Blatter…..wayesetsa kumbali yako,,,,aloweko makape a #Bullets kudzaononga mpira pa team asaukenso kusowa munthu wanzeru kunyengelera ma sponsors….. thumbs up fi your sleepless nights

  16. A Nyamilandu ndidayamba kuwava ine ndilimwa mpaka pano, akuti apresdent, unali wamuyaya kodi? kunali A Bakili anakapuma,a Bingu naye, JB naye nanga inu? simafuna kupuma mpaka malamulo kugwilapo tchito lol! zikomo a FIFA tiveko ena.

  17. After all ndi munthu opemphera emwe akudziwa ndithu kuti Mulungu alipo ndipo Mulunguyo wamva kudandaula kwa a Malawi kuti iyeyu anthu ambiri samamufuna choncho sakhala odabwa kuti Mulungu wayankha kudzera mu njira ina

  18. Kumazisia zinthu zikukoma zimakhala bwino tsopano uone abungwe la katangale akupana mpaka utakampeza #lutepo kaya zako izo umadya wekha

  19. Apa aliyense akut akafike koma akamazasakhaso enanu muzakhalaso kumbali yake kumalongolola apa kumatisowetsa mtendere mumvekele alibe vuto atha kuimaso pano mukut achoke eti cz mwat malamulo akutero bola asazasithe malamulowo masiku akubwerawaa

  20. its high time we see another person on this FAM presidency seat…thanks Mr Walter..your 12years u ve bin sitting on was too much u did well u six years nd these last six yrs were so boring I even stopped supporting my Flames coz of ur administration…go well tioneko zina hmmm.

  21. Kodi akuluwa ndichiyani anayiwala kupanga pa zaka 12. What did he forget to do during 12 at the helm? Or has he just discovered a formula how we can have World Cup. He has reached depreciating efficiency stage and it is for others to contribute just a way was paved for him 12 years ago.

  22. Walter doesn’t deserve another term.Malawian football needs total restructuring and a new individual with a vision has to be at the center of football administration.