Last mile: George Mtafu burial tomorrow

Goerge Mtafu
Goerge Mtafu
Mtafu: To be buried tomorrow.

Malawi’s Veteran politician late George Mtafu will be laid to rest on Friday, October 23 at Ntonda, Khumbo Farm, in Blantyre along Chikhwawa Road.

Mtafu died on Tuesday after he was involved in a car accident at Chatha Trading Centre along Chileka road in Blantyre.

According to a statement by United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesperson Ken Ndanga, the body of the late Ntafu will be taken from College of Medicine on Thursday at 3 pm to Khumbo Farm.

“Before burial, there will be a church service at Sunnyside Adventist Church,” reads part of the statement.

Ntafu is survived by a wife and two children.

Until his death he was chief technical advisor in the ministry of health.




  1. Koma mkazilombwa uyu walije mantha. Mjimbawa mpakana kuleka dini mapeto ake ndi awa watchamilanso nyifwa. Wanatasadi

  2. Todays MPs r all puppets.They can’t be as bold as the late Nga Mtafu.They can’t even utter the words “agalu inu” in Parliament for fear of their political masters.I will miss u NGA.

  3. Its a big blow to our nation to lose a neurosurgeon of such caliber..may his soul rest in peace!

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