Mutharika pushed to contribute to public purse

Peter Mutharika

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the country have demanded that Malawi President Peter Mutharika and senior government officials should contribute to the public purse by paying taxes.

According to the CSOs, the demands follows economic challenges that have rocked the country.

“I think it is unfair that a teacher who is paid less than K100,000 is paying tax while senior government officials who get huge sums of money are tax free,” said CSOs under citizen alliance publicity secretary, Phillip Kamangila.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Asked to pay tax.

Kamangila further suggested that leaders must be setting example by sharing the burden of paying taxes.

“Even the American president pays tax why not a Malawian leader?” wondered Kamangila.

Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) national coordinator Dalitso Kumbalasa said government must also consider reducing allowances paid to senior government officials.

“There are doctors, teachers who work tirelessly but they don’t get fuel allowance even minibus allowance but they are part of civil servants,” said Kubalasa.

Presidential Advisor on NGOs and Civil Society, Mavuto Bamusi said Mutharika is aware of the economic problems that have hit the country.



  1. Vuto zinthuzi mukuzitengera udani, komanso kaduka, cso ndege inagulisidwa, kunalibe aliyense ankalankhula, njala yagwa palibe chomwe mukuchita chimanga simukugula kuti mugaile anthu phindu lanu ndi chani kweni kweni, kulongolora basi? Thandizani Boma nanu mutipase chakudya, osati zomwe mukuchitazi, ife vuto lathu ndi njala osati za zii mukuchitazi mungofuna kutiputira mavuto ovutika ndiife. Gulani chimanga mutipase

  2. I hate CSOs because instead of looking at all spheres for excellence,they are just there for money issues.why not consider prayers as national item for success?

  3. Civil Society Organizations, if I may ask you what do you think you are saying, what do you think you are doing? I mean are you crazy? Are you sure of what is on your mind? We are really tired to hear you out. Whoever push you up for that ideas will let you down one leg up and down. This is nonsense, stupid, bad of you, negative motives against your own man of the moment. Devil and you will go hell at the end of the day!!

  4. CSOs now you are talking. You should have started advocating for this long time ago. Even duty free should be abolished. All should be paying taxes.

  5. kkkk mukati azipereka msonkho mutanthauza chani?ngati mufuna zimenezo muwauze anthu akumudzi auze ma mp awo mmaderamo akakonzenso malamulo adziko amene akukamba mwachimvekere kuti president ndi nduna zake sayenera kupereka msonkho.not mbuzi z ma cso ngati inu mukamuuze president ndi nduna zake kuti adziperekeka misonkho ndinu ndani anakusankhani ndani?mwasowa zonena eti?

  6. Its good idea,president and the ministers are earning more salaries, for that reason,they must be the first people to fill up public purse by paying taxe before ordinary people.

  7. this is very true.We need to talk about this issue.even in our airports when a minister or top government official is coming from abroad they dont declare or pay nothing.even when they import a lot of items,they dont pay anything.A Malawi,tiyeni tikonze dzikli.osauka azipereka ma taxes,president and top gvt officials no.are we sane?

  8. I peronally agree to that.Its high time they started doing that

  9. This time the guys got sounds sensible.they also must pay tax as everyone else.

  10. This is true anthuwa ma allowance awo achuluka ,you have raised school fees pamene salaries ayi ,nawonso ma allowance out , they should pay tax

  11. If this concern was raised at the round table discussion organised recently, then its a welcome development. Indeed there are so many allowances, talk of sleeping allowances, eating allowances, and so foth, we are wasting money in indirect way guys. I like Kubalasa’s observation. It totally true.

  12. That’s long due, many of African countries tax spare nobody, why Malawi? Anthu amenewa pa chilungamo nawo azipeleka msonkho. Ndizoona kuti munthu wolandila k60000 msonkho koma kusiya wa K6 million? Azipeleka msonkho!!!

    1. Mr. Jason Mpina; zikuonetselatu kuti inuyo simupereka msonko kapena simudziwa kuwawa kodulidwa msonkho (PAYE) pa malipiro ako. Every month they deduct K250,000 from my pay, which translates to 3 million kwacha per year. Akanangondisiya kuti ndizithandizira mudzi wathu ndalama imeneyi bwanji? My village could have developed.

      And chimabowa ndi chakuti the same guys who don’t pay taxes ndiamene amathamangira kukaba misonkho yochokera ku thukuta lathuli, its painful. I personally support this idea of the top brass paying taxes as well. Ngati inuyo man mumangowetedwa pakhomo ngati nkhuku, its better not to comment.

  13. It is indeed prudent and right for these misguided and thieves of taxes (top government officials) to start paying. Who are they to be tax free and they are the ones who make noise concerning tax paying. I dont see the logic. Those archaic laws that excuse those top thieves from paying taxes should be stricken out from the tax statutes. Nobody should be exempted. They accumulate far more than some of us and it is imperative that they do also pay. And further to that they even earn much more than us. Why should we (poor and low-earners) be the only ones to be burdened with the tax?? That’s being greedy on their part. THEY MUST NOT BE EXEMPTED FROM PAYING TAXES. AND IT SHOULD START WITH THE PRESIDENT AND HIS COHORTS.

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