Nomads tired of wandering

Isaac Kaliati

Barely 11 days before the Standard Bank Cup final, Malawi’s cup specialists Mighty Wanderers have already started playing mind games.

The Nomads have threatened the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) that they will not play the final against Civo United unless they are compensated by the association for their trips to Lilongwe.

Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao told one of Malawi’s daily papers that the Nomads’ trips to Lilongwe are becoming more costly.

“We do not have a problem playing at Civo or anywhere, but it is becoming quite a costly exercise for us now. Hope FAM will note this and compensate us for transport and accommodation, at least.

Mighty Wanderer vs Kamuzu Barracks
Nomads (in Blue) playing mind game.

“In the Standard Bank Cup alone, out of four games the finals will be our third game in Lilongwe after playing Mafco and Blue Eagles there already. That’s K5m in costs alone for three games,” said Butao.

However, FAM Cup competition chairman Jabba Alide dismissed Wanderers’ demand saying the Nomads are aware of the cup rules and regulations and defended the decision of the committee to have the finals at Civo stadium.

“At Civo, we are looking at issues of capacity, accessibility and security in general as we expect a large number of fans to watch the game. We have looked at several factors,” Alide was quoted by the daily paper.

Alide added that they consulted with the cup sponsor before telling the nation the stadium which will host the standard bank finals.

“People have their own interests. Threats are becoming a bit of a problem at the stadium (Kamuzu Stadium) because of the campaign period. I’m not saying this is the only reason. Of course, we consult and agree with the sponsors,” said Alide.

Civo United and Mighty Wanderers will battle it out for the ten million Kwacha trophy in the Standard Bank Cup final on November 1 this year at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe.




  1. Zanu izo. Cup titengabe amanyaka inu. Mapazi anu nonse amene mumadana ndi Noma.

  2. FAM is confused becoz of the december elections they want to protect Nyamilandu from being embarranced by foot fans in Blantyre who are displaying posters against Walter; Walter is too selfish & has destroyed our football for the past twelve years; Others would have done better: He has already pribed all affiliates to nominate & vote for him- Take him to court; How l wish he was arrested for bribery;

  3. u hav a big problem in ur lexocon. civo was also away so where do u want the game to b played? the other day u said civo stadium is your home ground soi now what has happened? mateam opanda ground ndi choncho so miserable. I pitty u

  4. ine monga sapota wamkulu wamanoma.chinko ichi chantu osa danda tipita kucivo konko kukatenga chikhocho manoma woyeyeyeyeyeyeye

  5. wakha sungamve chingelezichi!!!(cup specialist) ndiyekumati yakoyo ndiya Fuko, fukolake la Anyanitu. musolva man.

  6. Ma page a Neba awa akumalemba nkhani za bodza za ife.Nde mwamulawiriratu ganyuwo mudzachita ma nyazi.Nyerere 4 ever ndi Be 4 ward

  7. FAM musamatinamize inu,komanso anoma musatinamizenso all dis was planned…capacity? U mean civo stadium imakwana anthu ambir kusiyana ndi kamuzu stdium?….bodza limenero…..nowdays ma stdium akumasewrano mpira ndaonera pa noma…’

    1. Sukudziwa2. Mzuzu stadium was occupied. Moyale requsted fam to shift the match. Kalata ndili nayo ngat ukuifuna. Ndye ndi nkhan zosiyana nkulu wa bullets

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