Mbambande: Lulu humbles Namadingo


Afro-sounds warlord Lawrence ‘Lulu’ Khwisa has proven that he is a stage master having outshined his fellow musician Patience Namadingo at Bingu International Convention Centre last evening.

According to some of the people who attended the event, Lulu was a marvel to watch as compared to his counterpart.

The singer who stepped on stage cladding a black T-shirt and blue short, showed energy on stage with his vocals and dance moves.

This threw the audience into frenzy that they did not get enough of his delivery.

It was a different story for Namadingo as his performance was marred by jeers from a majority of the patrons. Others were chanting the name Lulu in the course of the Doc’s performance.

However, the Mapulani hitmaker gathered momentum and won hearts of the audience.

The event was one of the highly anticipated happenings, since people wanted to know a better artist between Lawrence and Patience.

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