Malawi Defence Force allows Muslim soldiers to wear hijab


The Malawi Defence Force (MDF) has introduced a policy allowing female Muslim soldiers to be wearing Hijab at work.

Muslim Chaplain at the MDF Sheikh Major Saad Khamis Malovu has confirmed that there has been a change in policy at the Malawi army.

Speaking to Muslim Media Agency,  Sheikh Malovu said Muslim soldiers will be able to carry out their duties while wearing Hijab, a head covering for Muslim women, in accordance with Islam.

“Sheikh Malovu said it is a welcome development to see female Muslim  soldiers doing their work while keeping their faith intact,” the agency reported.

On social media, Malawians have welcomed the change in policy at the MDF with many calling it a welcome development.

Habieh Chikondi Maluwa said: “MashaAllah that’s a very welcomed development to the security industry not to only to MDF.”

McDad Saidi Banda said: “Bravo MDF that’s the way to go.”

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