Trouble continues in Nomads camp as players ‘fire’ Board Members


Mighty Wanderers FC have been thrown into fresh turmoil as players have signed a document to fire some Board Members, accusing them of being in the forefront in creating negative publicity which has derailed efforts to attract sponsors.

This comes 24-hours after the Board Members released a statement in which they condemned the Supporters Executive Committee for wrongly firing them and claimed that the root cause of all the problems at the club is board member Humphreys Mvula.

But surprisingly, the players have backed the Supporters Executive Committee’ move to ‘fire’ some Board Members who have been accused of having a hand in whatever is happening at the club.

“We write with much concern about the way you have been handling yourselves in the affairs of running our club Wanderers which in turn does affect us as a team of players who form the core fabric of the institution.

“As you may appreciate, Wanderers has been the target of negative publicity for the past six months or so where negative stories have been flying around.

“Time and again, Board Members have been imposing themselves in activities and assertions which are more on destroying Wanderers,” reads part of the document signed by the players.

The players have since demanded the resignation of Chancy Gondwe, Ernest Maganga, Adela Migogo, Limbani Magomero and Sam Mponda.

According to the players, out of 24 Board Members at Wanderers, the five have been in forefront instilling negative publicity through the traditional and social media.

“This has resulted in the team not having a good name that would attract sponsors to come and invest in the Wanderers Football Club,” continued the statement.

And the players have also reminded the Board Members that their (players) only way to survive is through football and nothing else whilst the board members have other means of making money.

“It must be appreciated that as Directors, you have other means of income thereby able to survive without depending on Wanderers. On the contrary, as players, our survival is football and our team is Wanderers which means that your behavior affects us as players and our families economically, socially and morally.

“With the foregoing, we the undersigned players of Wanderers Football Club call upon Chancy Gondwe, Ernest Maganga, Adela Migogo, Limbani Magomero   and Sam Mponda to step down. It is our belief upon our findings that if the above Directors step aside, the situation at Wanderers will improve and raise the required morale within the team,” concluded the signed document.

Richard Chipuwa, William Thole, Yamikani Chester, Ted Sumani, Francis Mulimbika, Alfred Manyozo Junior, Stainley Sanudi, Isaac Kaliyati, Felix Zulu, Vincent Nyangulu, Francis Mkonda and Chiukepo Msowoya are some of the notable players who have signed the document.

Currently, the Supporters Executive Committee is in the process of handing the team to business Mogul Thom Mpinganjira, a move which has been questioned by the ‘concerned Board Members’ who have reminded them that it is only the Board Members who are mandated to hand over the team to Mpinganjira.

“We as board members have no objection because we only want what’s best for the club. In fact, the Board would be very grateful to get someone fully responsible and that has been our goal.

“The Board reminds the supporters that it is only the board that is legally mandated to make such a transaction. We therefore ask the board secretary to urgently convene a board meeting whose sole agenda will be the process of handing the team over to Dr. Mpinganjira. After that we will also resign to pave way for a new Board of Directors to be constituted by the said Dr. Mpinganjira,” reads another letter from the concerned Board Members.

Some of the Board Members are Ulemu Chilapondwa, Timothy Mtambo, Susan Dossi, Gift Mkandawire and Mervin Nkunika.


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