World Bank tells Malawi to address urgent needs


The World Bank has told Malawi to prioritise urgent needs when allocating resources as one way of reducing poverty.

Toulmin: address urgent needs

The Bank’s country manager for Malawi Greg Toulmin made the remarks at the fourth Developmental Cooperation Group (DCG) meeting  in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

Toulmin said not all the problems can be dealt with support from developmental partners hence Malawi as a country need to make difficult choices.

“Malawi in a short term  obviously need to make some very difficult choices which it has to prioritise to address urgent problems and overtime it will have more resources to address other problems,” he explained.

He added that people in the country have to join hands in identifying the problems that the country is facing and therefore discuss the way forward on how they can deal with the problems.

In his remarks, Secretary to the Treasury in the Ministry of Finance Economic Planning and Development Cliff Kenneth Chiunda said lack of resources is the key challenge that affects the implementation of several programs in the country.

He said the meeting shows government’s commitment to engage stakeholders in an open and transparent manner to discuss strategic issues and foster development effectiveness agenda.

Chiunda added that stakeholders will be able to discuss and agree on the issues that can address different challenges in the country in as far as the economy is concerned.