Man murdered for stealing onion


Police in Kasungu have arrested two men for killing a 36 year-old man who stole an onion.

This is according to Kasungu police publicist Inspector Harry Namwaza who identified the deceased as Charles Sunwell Mbewe.

The suspects are Matias Banda aged 57 and McCollings Mtonga who comes from Kaongo village T/A Mnyanja in Kasungu district.

According to Namwaza, Mbewe was drinking Kachasu beer at Mangulenje village and later the two suspects came to the same place.

After some time, the two suspects left the place but Banda forgot a plastic bag which had four onions inside.

The victim checked inside the plastic bag and took one onion which he hid in his pocket.

After Banda realised that he had forgotten his bag, he returned but to his surprise he found that one onion was missing.

Mbewe denied taking the onion upon being asked and this prompted Banda to search the victim after which he found it inside the victim’s pocket.

This did not please the victim who slapped Banda and a fight erupted between the two.

Mtonga joined the fight supporting Banda and in the course of the fight Mbewe was beaten severely and he died on the spot.

Postmortem conducted at Kasungu district hospital showed that death occurred due to head and neck trauma.