Chilima is inexperienced to be President – Ben Phiri

Saulos Chilima

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Director of Operations Ben Phiri has suggested that Vice President Saulos Chilima is inexperienced to lead the country.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lilongwe, Phiri said Chilima should first be groomed in order to take over from Mutharika when the president completes his second term assuming he wins the 2019 elections.

Saulos Chilima
Phiri: Chilima is inexperienced

“He is a young man whom APM can be assured the country will be in safe hands when he retires,” said Phiri.

He added that he wants Chilima to continue as Mutharika’s deputy.

“If I would advise APM to choose a running mate, I would ask him to pick the vice president,” said Phiri.

During the press conference, Phiri refuted claims that there is a camp in DPP which he is leading.

He said the only camp in the party is the one involving Mutharika and Chilima.

Phiri also denied reports that he is being earmarked as DPP presidential candidate in the 2019 elections saying he requires experience before getting into the position.

On Callista Mutharika’s views that Chilima should represent the DPP in the next elections, Phiri said as a citizen of this country Callista is entitled to her opinion but the issue of presidential candidate will be decided at the party’s convention.

Phiri then accused people of trying to tarnish the party’s image because of jealousy and other personal reasons.

He however claimed that in 2019 the party will win again and Mutharika and Chilima will remain the partys leaders.



  1. Apa akukamba aphiri zikungoonesa kuti sakuziwa MALAMULO achipani chifukwa MUNTHU ozindikira sangafike poyamkhula kuziko akulu ena asanakambepo uku ndikungofuna kugawanisa chipani cha DPP otsapupuluma kuyamkhula pakungofuna kumveka MALAMULO adziko MUNTHU amalamula 2 terms tisayiwale pomwe timasamkha Peter muthalika tikuyenera kumutsiya mpaka 2024 ngati angawine 2019 maboza ife ayi

  2. A malawi24 talembani za ku umbuzidwa kwa mcp mma ward onse omwe chisankho chake chachitika dzulo. kumangolubwalubwa baasi

  3. The convention is where people elect which candidate they want for president. Mai Mutharika needs to remind herself of the right way of doing things. When she says she representing Malawians she needs to revise that because she has not been elected to represent any Malawians. Having said all that DPP is a democratic party and people are free to express themselves and chose , at the correct time who they want for a leader.

  4. Now this is it! Chilima is inexperienced and then the decision will be made at the party convention. What if Chilima contest against APM and win. The issue will be lack of experience. This says Ben Phiri. To cut the story short here is my take: the president it too old gogo to rule while his vice is too inexperienced to rule. Simply put, DPP not ready to rule.

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