We will survive the chop – Karonga United

Karonga United

With only for games to wind up the 2016 Malawi Super League season, Karonga United team manager Abraham Mwakhwawa has said his team will not be relegated this season.

Mwakhwawa said his team will do all it takes for them to survive the chop in the elite league.

Karonga United
Karonga United: have vowed to retain their Super League place

“The team will not be relegated this season, we will put a gallant fight for the team to survive the chop in the league,” he said.

Mwakhwawa added that Karonga will do all it takes for them to survive so that they should be playing at their own back yard next season.

“I can assure you next year Karonga will also play in the Super League and as you know Karonga district has a new stadium.

“The stadium will be used by us next season when will be playing in the league for the second year in a row since we will not face the chop this season,” Mwakhwawa said in an interview.

Karonga will this weekend collect three points without kicking the ball due to Max Bullets’ withdrawal from the Super League. The team was expected to be in action with Max Bullets at Mzuzu stadium in Mzuzu.

Karonga are currently second from bottom with 21 points from 24 games and there is hope that they will move one step up on the log table.

With Max already relegated from the Super League, only four out of the 16 teams are fighting for their survival but two of them will follow Max Bullets to the lower league Super League this season.

The four teams which are fighting for survival are Dwangwa United, Fisd Wizards, Civo United and Karonga United.