Chaponda happy with deliberations in Parliament


Leader of the House in Parliament George Chaponda has applauded Members of Parliament (MPs) for vibrant discussions that have been taking place in the House over the past five days.

George Chaponda
Chaponda (in blue suit) : The discussions in the House have started well

Chaponda said the discussions started on a high note as they began with a discussion on the food situation in the country following a ministerial statement on the matter.

“The discussions in the House have started well as the Members of Parliament had keen interest on the issues under discussion,” said Chaponda.

He added that during the debate on the food situation, members were made to understand the difference between humanitarian food and commercial food.

Chaponda further said that they also passed land bills which were left out during the last parliamentary session and he claimed that MPs were cooperating well during the discussion.

Chaponda who is also Minister of Agriculture and Water Development was also delighted that the House has discussed other topical issues affecting Malawians.

However, Malawians especially the media are looking forward to the tabling of the Access to Information bill.