From Resignation to Renewed Ambition, Muluzi Seeks Return to UDF Leadership

Atupele Muluzi

Atupele Muluzi, who resigned months ago as president of the United Democratic Front (UDF), is now eager to reclaim his position at the upcoming convention.

UDF Secretary General Kandi Padambo confirmed that Muluzi has retrieved his nomination papers to contest the party’s presidency and potentially become its candidate for the 2025 general elections.

Aisha Adams, chairperson of the UDF’s convention organizing committee, reported that preparations for the August 3rd, 2024 event are well underway. 

While some Malawians have supported Muluzi’s decision, others have criticized his leadership abilities, questioning his commitment. 

Political analyst George Phiri noted that if elected, Muluzi will face a significant challenge in restoring public trust and revitalizing the UDF’s popularity ahead of the elections next year.


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