Onjezani Kenani embarks on resource mobilization campaign for veteran musician Paul Banda

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Social media influencer and philanthropist Onjezani Kenani has launched a heartfelt initiative aimed at supporting veteran musician Paul Banda in the wake of recent challenges.

In a poignant Facebook post, Kenani highlighted the impact of the recent passing of Lucius Banda, Paul’s younger brother and sole pillar of support, leaving Paul in a difficult situation. 

Lucius was not only a family member but also a crucial support system for Paul, who has been battling kidney problems requiring regular dialysis at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre.

Onjezani Kenani
Onjezani Kenani

“This is exactly what has happened in the life of veteran musician, Paul Banda. Last week, we buried his younger brother, Lucius, the singular pillar of his support,” Kenani wrote, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

To alleviate Paul’s medical and financial burdens, Kenani has launched a resource mobilization campaign. The campaign aims to raise funds to ensure Paul continues to receive the necessary medical care and support. Kenani, who has already donated K110,000 towards the cause, expressed optimism about the initiative’s success.

Kenani’s initiative has garnered support and attention, with funds expected to be donated to Paul Banda on Friday. The veteran musician, known for his legendary status in Malawi’s music industry since the 1970s, has reportedly given his approval to the appeal.

Paul Banda’s musical journey and contributions to Malawi’s cultural heritage have earned him respect and admiration throughout the country. Kenani’s campaign not only seeks to support Paul in his time of need but also underscores the importance of community and solidarity in times of crisis.

This article highlights Onjezani Kenani’s efforts to support veteran musician Paul Banda through a resource mobilization campaign, emphasizing the impact of recent challenges and the community’s response to assist a beloved figure in Malawi’s music industry.


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