Government Takes Aim at Social Media Misinformation Menace

Government through the Minister of Information and Digitalisation, Moses Kunkuyu, says Malawi Government has reached 798, 319 households with relief maize and will ensure all hunger-stricken households are reached with relief food.

The Malawi government has strongly condemned the persistent misuse of social media by some individuals who create false pages, manipulate content, and spread misinformation and propaganda to harm innocent people and organizations.

Minister of Information and Digitalisation Moses Kunkuyu, also the Chief Government Spokesperson, expressed concern over the rising instances of fake news circulated on social media through a statement released earlier today.

Kunkuyu addressed recent reports falsely claiming the government’s discontent with Catholic Bishops for allegedly not participating in the Independence Anniversary National Service of Worship on July 6, 2024, at BICC in Lilongwe.

“These claims are untrue,” stated Kunkuyu. He criticized those spreading false information, particularly those attempting to pass off their fabrications as official reports from the Malawi News Agency (MANA).

“The government is dismayed by the deliberate dissemination of falsehoods,” the statement continued, clarifying that the Catholic Church in Malawi did participate in the National Service. It highlighted the involvement of His Grace Archbishop George Tambala, Bishop Peter Musikwa of Chikwawa Diocese, and the St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish Choir 1,” reads part of the statement. 

The government emphasized its commitment to defending individuals and institutions against malicious attacks through false social media posts, underscoring that such actions are illegal and punishable under Malawi’s laws.

As Malawi celebrates 60 years of independence, the government called for unity and patriotism among all citizens.


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