American Philanthropist Revitalizes Health Sector in Mzimba

Kamteteka Health Center

In a remarkable act of philanthropy, an American citizen, Linda Anne Ward, has spearheaded the renovation of Kamteteka Health Centre in the Mzimba district. The facility, originally constructed in 1984, had fallen into disrepair over the years.

The initiative began when Jeffrey Magawa, who had served Ward as a house helper for 42 years in South Africa, approached her for assistance in improving healthcare services in his home community. 

Ward, moved by his request, undertook the extensive refurbishment project, driven by a desire to give back to the community that had supported Magawa for so long.

Ward’s dedication has improved healthcare services in the district.

Dinary Kankhuni, the project manager for the soon-to-be-registered Linda Ward Foundation, spoke on Ward’s behalf. He detailed how the renovation began in 2019–2020, with substantial financial support from Ward. 

“To date, Linda has invested 350 million Kwacha in this project, which includes building four staff houses, toilets, bathrooms, and installing water and solar power electricity,” Kankhuni stated.

Ward’s vision extends beyond refurbishment; she aims to elevate the health centre to the status of a rural hospital. Kankhuni mentioned that Ward is ready to commence further expansion as soon as ESCOM can provide the necessary electricity.

The local community has expressed immense gratitude for the improved facilities. Group Village Headman Kamteteka said: “The renovated hospital has significantly reduced the distance we used to travel to Mzimba district hospital. We are particularly excited about the planned expansion and urge ESCOM to connect electricity promptly.”

Dr. Prince Chirwa, Director of Health, Social, and Services at M’mbelwa District Council, praised Ward’s contributions. “The council is very impressed. Our health workers now reside in decent housing, which has markedly enhanced healthcare delivery in the area,” he said.

Ward’s contributions have earned her the honorary title of “Queen Mother” from the Kamteteka community. Her commitment is further demonstrated by her efforts to procure medications when the health centre faces shortages and by providing a vehicle for vaccine distribution, significantly benefiting the health centre, which serves approximately 35,000 people.

In addition to her work in the health sector, Ward supports educational initiatives, sponsoring secondary school education for girls who have been withdrawn from early marriages.

Linda Anne Ward’s dedication and generosity have not only revitalized Kamteteka Health Centre but have also brought hope and improved healthcare services to the Mzimba district.


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