Inkosi Kwataine calls investigations to start from Chilima’s words

Saulos Chilima

Senior Chief Kwataine of Ntcheu says he would have loved if transparent and credible investigations on the mysterious death of the departed Vice President Saulosi Chilima had started from the words he had been speaking to Malawians before his death.

Inkosi Kwataine recalled that at one time Chilima told Malawians that his “keeping quiet was not a sign of being a fool” and that “I am not afraid and I will not retreat” saying these two statements were speaking for themselves that Chilima had a troubled life and was not in peace.

He said Chilima “Impi Biyeni” was for peace and died while fighting for peace in Malawi besides not happy with the way the government was treating him not as a Vice President of the country but as an ordinary citizen referring to his words “Keeping quiet does not mean that he was a fool.”

Speaking during a United Transformation Movement (UTM) Candlelight memorial in honour of the departed Saulosi Chilima held at Ntcheu Boma, Inkosi Kwataine said Ntcheu is known for prominent people who died mysteriously and tragically.

Inkosi Kwataine said on 18th May 1983 the district witnessed the burial ceremony of a prominent cabinet Minister Dick Matenje who was one of the ministers tragically murdered at Thambani in Mwanza district alongside Aaron Gadama, Twaibu Sangala and Member of Parliament for Chikwawa David Chiwanga.

He said the then Inkosi Kwataine received a message that he should not attend the burial of Dick Matenje for the reasons best explained by the then MCP-led government led by Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

The Inkosi said at the time of Matenje’s burial, he was not young, he saw everything with his naked eyes the presence of a contingent of soldiers in attendance to provide security and this too, happened on the burial day of Chilima where security was very tight.

“What is paining us when we have someone from the district and if he has reached a stage that he can become the president of the country, he dies mysteriously,” he said.

Inkosi Kwataine said Malawians are now being told to keep the peace because Dr Saulosi Chilima was for peace assuring all that the people of Ntcheu will keep peace and not be quiet but will not forget the tragic death of Dr Saulosi Chilima alongside others, Dick Matenje, Aaron Gadama, Twaibu Sangala and David Chiwanga who were tragically murdered in Mwanza on 18th May 1992.

UTM members particularly the youth are being seen holding memorial candlelight services across the country in honour of Saulosi Chilima and what they are waiting for is a transparent and trusted investigations report on the mysterious death of Saulosi Chilima.

There have been calls from Malawians to have three separate transparent investigative bodies, one for the family of the late Chilima and the UTM, Church organizations, CSOs and individuals and that of MCP led Tonse Alliance government for them to accept the report.


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