Illegal selling of unregistered pesticides worries CAMA


The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has raised an alarm over the illegal marketing of unregistered and unlicensed pesticides by uncertified traders, which is posing a threat to the lives of consumers, requesting the Pesticide Control Board (PCB) and Parliament to take action.

In a statement, Executive Director John Kapito said the Pesticides market inspection that CAMA conducted shows that the unlicensed illegal pesticides business has become one of the fastest growing businesses conducted in all markets throughout the country visibly while the PCB is falling to provide enforcement and hold those breaking the law accountable.

Kapito expressed disappointment in the fact that unlicensed traders are illegally selling and dispensing Pesticides more often than before the Pesticides Act was enforced.

“The law on pesticide control is very clear as to who is supposed to sell, store, distribute and import them. Section 23-(1) stipulates that no person shall manufacture, export, distribute, store for sale, or sell a pesticide without a license issued by the Pesticide Control Board and by any conditions prescribed by the board.

“Section 25- 1(c) stipulates that the premises and manner in which, and the conditions under which, the pesticides will be stored or offered for sale are appropriate for the intended purpose, and will not endanger human, or animal health or the environment,” he said.

He continued to assert that Parliament had a valid reason for enacting the Pesticides Control Act and its regulations of the Regulatory Authority.

He stated: “The pesticide trade is a significant business. CAMA suspects that corruption is widespread within the enforcement agencies, which is causing the current proliferation of hazardous chemicals on the market to be left to unscrupulous traders.’

Meanwhile, Kapito has appealed to parliament to immediately investigate why such a robust law cannot be enforced. He has requested the appropriate Parliamentary Committee to visit any market of their choice to witness how pesticides have ended up in the hands of untrained traders.


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