DPP denies issuance of fake apology letter to Speaker and Mwanza West Leaders

Democratic Progressive Party member

In a recent development, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has officially denied the existence of a purported apology letter addressed to the Speaker and leaders in Mwanza West.

Shadric Namalomba, who serves as the presidential advisor and spokesperson for the DPP, confirmed in an interview on Sunday, June 30, 2024, that the circulating letter is entirely fabricated.

The misinformation suggested that the DPP had formally apologized through a written communication to the Speaker and local leaders in Mwanza West. However, Namalomba categorically stated that the party did not originate nor endorse any such correspondence.

Addressing the issue, Namalomba emphasized the DPP’s commitment to transparency and truthfulness in its communications. 

He expressed concern over the spread of false information and reiterated the party’s dedication to upholding ethical standards in its engagements.

The incident highlights the challenges of misinformation in political environments and underscores the importance of verifying sources before disseminating information.

 As the DPP strives to maintain credibility, Namalomba reassured the public of the party’s steadfast focus on serving its constituents with integrity.

With the confirmation of the letter’s falsity, the DPP aims to clarify the situation and prevent further confusion among stakeholders. Moving forward, the party remains resolute in its efforts to foster genuine dialogue and constructive relationships within the political landscape.


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