PayChangu receives a license to pilot an innovative payment Gateway in Malawi


In a significant development, PayChangu, a pioneering fintech company, has been granted a license by the Reserve Bank of Malawi to pilot its innovative payment gateway.

This milestone is poised to revolutionize the financial landscape of Malawi, fostering economic growth and innovation.

The PayChangu payment gateway is designed to streamline transactions, making payments faster, more secure, and accessible to all Malawians. 

This innovation is expected to play a crucial role in enhancing the country’s economic development by creating products and services that improve the living standards of its citizens.

The introduction of PayChangu comes at a pivotal time as the Malawian government is actively pursuing its Vision 2063 (MW2063) goals. The payment gateway is poised to support the three core pillars of this vision: Agriculture Commercialization, Urbanization, and Industrialization.

“Agriculture Commercialization will be enhanced by providing farmers with easy access to digital payment solutions, enabling them to receive payments swiftly and securely,” said Joshua Mwendo, Global Expansion and Payments Partnership Manager of PayChangu. 

“This will boost productivity and income, supporting the commercialization of agriculture,” he added.

The payment gateway will also facilitate seamless transactions in urban markets, supporting businesses and consumers alike, contributing to the growth of urban economies and improving the overall quality of life for urban residents. 

Additionally, it will provide industries with robust payment solutions, streamlining supply chain transactions and reducing operational costs, enhancing the competitiveness of Malawian industries in the global market.

“We are excited about this milestone, which is a testament to our commitment to driving financial innovation in the country,” said Mwendo. “Our payment gateway is designed to empower businesses and individuals, fostering economic growth and improving the living standards of Malawians.”

As PayChangu embarks on this pilot phase, the company is poised to transform the financial services sector in Malawi, providing a foundation for sustainable economic development and aligning with the government’s MW2063 aspirations.

With this groundbreaking development, PayChangu is set to become a key player in Malawi’s journey towards economic prosperity.