Blantyre Youths Unite to Combat Mental Health Issues and Suicide

ANPPCAN Lifeline

In response to rising concerns over mental health and suicide among young people in parts of Blantyre, youths have come together to take action.

On June 14, 2024, ANPPCAN Lifeline Malawi, an organization dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health awareness, conducted a crucial training session.

Over forty youth leaders from various clubs in the South Lunzu Area—including Lunzu, Chirimba, and Machinjiri—participated in the event.

Henderson Mhango, Country Director of ANPPCAN Lifeline Malawi, emphasized the training’s importance in equipping youth leaders with essential skills to address mental health issues.

Henderson Mhango
Cases of suicide among young people will be reduced – Mhango.

“This training enables these youth club leaders to provide mental health assistance to their mates in their respective communities. By doing this, we are very hopeful that cases of suicide amongst the youth group will be reduced,” said Mhango.

The goal is to significantly reduce the incidence of youth suicide by enabling these leaders to provide effective support within their communities.

Moses Jeremiah, one of the participants, highlighted several contributing factors to the alarming rates of youth suicide in Malawi, such as sexual relationships, gambling, substance abuse, and inadequate parenting. 

However, he expressed optimism about the impact of the training, believing that it will empower youth leaders to intervene effectively.

Jeremiah stated, “We, the youth of South Lunzu, have joined forces to tackle mental health challenges and reduce suicide. Through this training, we can now guide our peers on handling mental health issues in our communities.”

The training, held at South Lunzu Health Center, featured speakers from various fields, including police officers from the victim support unit, mental health advocates, medical professionals, and local community leaders.

Following the success of the event, Group Village Head Machinjiri called for ANPPCAN Lifeline Malawi to organize further sessions involving all youth, parents, and guardians in the area.

This holistic approach aims to foster ongoing dialogue and support networks to sustain the momentum gained from the training.

The initiative reflects a proactive stance by Blantyre’s youth in confronting mental health challenges, supported by structured interventions and community engagement.


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