Kunkuyu urges Korea, African nations to prioritize lCT

Moses Kunkuyu

Minister of Information and Digitisation, Moses Kunkuyu, has urged Korea and African nations to prioritize Information Communication Technology (ICT) to transform the lives of rural Africans.

Speaking at the 10th Global ICT Leadership Forum in Korea, Kunkuyu emphasized the need for collaboration to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Kunkuyu highlighted the necessity for developed nations to support African countries in overcoming ICT challenges such as connectivity, infrastructure development, skills, and fiber security.

He asserted that addressing these issues would facilitate better connections between Korea and African nations.

In response, the Republic of Korea’s Minister of Science and ICT, Dr. Lee Jong-Ho reaffirmed Korea’s commitment to partnering with African countries on ICT matters.

Dr. Lee Jong-Ho also mentioned the importance of inclusive growth in various ICT sectors, including agriculture and education, in our interconnected world.

The 10th Global ICT Leadership Forum, held under the theme ‘Global Solidarity in the Sophisticated Digital Era,’ saw participation from countries like Malawi, Tanzania, and Eswatini, among others.


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