Alhaji Jumbe says politics is inherently unpredictable

Alhaji Imraan Jumbe

President of Chilungamo Party Comrade Alhaji Imraan Jumbe, says Malawi should learn from South Africa’s 2024 elections that politics is inherently unpredictable saying the rise and fall of political parties serve as a testament to this volatility.

Alhaji Jumbe says the recent developments in South Africa’s 2024 elections where the African National Congress (ANC) lost its outright majority, provide valuable lessons for Malawi’s political landscape, particularly for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

He says the situation in South Africa underscores the importance of humility, accountability, and responsiveness in politics, as the power ultimately rests in the hands of the people to choose who their leaders will be.

Writing on his official facebook page, Alhaji Jumbe says the experience of the African National Congress in South Africa’s 2024 election serves as a wake-up call for the MCP that political leaders must be humble, accountable and responsive to the people’s needs.

 “Political leaders must avoid the pitfalls of complacency and entitlement, instead, they should be fostering a culture of transparency and service,” reads part of Alhaji Jumbe’s writing on the wall.

He says by learning from the ANC’s challenges and embracing a forward-looking approach, the MCP can navigate the uncertain terrain of Malawian politics and always politics advising it to put the interests of the people above their interests that elections cannot be won on the voting day and, winning elections starts with the winning hearts of the people.

A Malawi Congress Party (MCP) diehard of Mvera in Dowa district Mr Rodgers Kamphangala has advised the MCP to stop preaching that DPP will never rule the country again asking them where they have all been for 31 years.

Kamphangala said not even a single Malawian thought MCP would bounce back into government observing that God made a plan to take the UTM in its hand to cross the wilderness advising it that without the UTM, the party could have been in the opposition till this day.

He said many people are flocking to MCP rallies not rallying behind or supporting the party and its leader President Chakwera but to receive K2000s free money advising the party that if care is not made, money will vote for the MCP while people will vote for someone in the bush not yet born but is to be born.

“The campaign of enticing voters through zitenjes, t-shirts and money, is primitive politics which ended in the country in 2020, Malawians of 2020 will not be the same in 2025,” said Kamphangala.


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