Malawi to host Environmental, Social Governance summit

Annie Feza

Innotec Creative Solutions (ICS) Africa will host Malawi’s ever environmental, Social, and Governance Summit (ESG) Integration and Investment Forum 2024 at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) from 19th to 20th June.

Speaking to Malawi24, the Head of Operations at ICS Africa Annie Feza said the forum’s main objective is to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among government, businesses, investors, and many other key stakeholders. The event will also showcase best practices and innovative solutions that can be employed for ESG integration in Malawi.

According to Feza, the Forum is built against the backdrop of a paradigm shift in business and investments.

She continued to say that there is increasing external pressure on governments, the corporate sector, and investors to place ESG principles at the core of their operational strategies.

“ESG focuses on enhancing (E) – environmental conservation, (S) – the promotion of social equity, and (G) – the strengthening of corporate governance across diverse industries,” said Feza.

Feza also notes that the integration of ESG principles has gained momentum globally and across the African continent, particularly post the Covid-19 pandemic. Stakeholders are increasingly recognizing its potential to drive long-term sustainable economic growth and address systemic risks.

“It has emerged as a mission-critical strategy for governments at both national and local levels, businesses, and investors worldwide due to its potential to drive long-term value creation, mitigate risks, and address critical environmental and social challenges,” said Feza.

Innotec Creative Solutions (ICS) Africa is a leading socio-economic research and advisory services organization working with the best brains across the globe to research, debate, and provide practical and sustainable solutions to challenges facing the greater African society.


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