Holiday prolongation irritates Domasi College students

Domasi College

Some students at Domasi College of Education (DCE) have voiced their dissatisfaction with the holiday prolongation and the tardiness in releasing the results of their end-of-semester exams. 

One of the concerned students who spoke with this publication on condition of anonymity disclosed that after closing school on 31st February 2024, they were supposed to resume classes on 7th May 2024. 

However, the source said before the opening date, the school administration released a memo about an extension of their holiday which the student claimed neither stated the reasons behind nor the direction for the change.

It is stated that the student’s effort to query the release date for their end-of-semester exam results and school reopening date has proven futile as the school never responded to all of their petitions and says the holiday extension is affecting their studies.

“Domasi College of Education students are dismayed with the way the institution is run. Somehow it’s more or less like a family Pentecost ministry/church. If the holiday period is longer than the semester period then what are we doing as a country? Are we serious about our education standards in Malawi?

“The tendency of extending holidays has been recurring at DCE delaying us from completing our studies on time. This should be looked into,” said one of the concerned students from DCE. 

The student went on to say concerned students who have now formed a WhatsApp group to discuss the way forward, are inviting the Ministry of Education to look into the matter and other related issues at the institution. 

In a separate interview, the College Principal Dr Arkangel Yambeni said he would not comment on the matter saying it is not for public consumption. 

“Assessment issues are internal and we don’t comment with reporters. You should also know your limits when working because this is an internal issue that does not need to come through you journalists. 

“The students have their bodies and if there are issues it has to come from them not from a reporter. We can’t comment on an internal issue, they are not for public consumption,” reacted Yambeni. 

Meanwhile, we are yet to hear from the Ministry of Education on the students’ grievances.


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