Lilongwe Water Board suspends sewer fees


Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) has temporarily suspended billing for sewer services saying its system was also charging customers from areas not connected to the board’s sewer line.

The board has said this in a statement today following backlash over the newly implemented K8,500 monthly charge for sewer connection.

Last week, LWB was sending messages to customers telling them that the board has taken over sewer services management from Lilongwe City Council and that customers will be charged K8,500 per month for sewer services.

The charge is for customers in areas such as Area 47 sector 3 and 4, Area 1 (Falls) and Area 49 Old and New Gulliver where sewer lines were connected.

In a statement today, the board has said its system billed some customers outside the connected areas.

“Lilongwe Water Board announces the temporary suspension of the November sewer billing. Customers who were previously billed will have their accounts credited back to pave way for resolving the identified anomalies,” reads part of the statement.

The statement adds that during the suspension period, the board will work on its billing system to ensure a seamless and accurate process.

LWB has also said that it will engage in dialogue with block leaders and customers to address any concerns regarding the introduction of the sewer service charge.