Zonke back with new tune ‘Kambuzi’


After taking top spot in trap with his debut hit ‘Kamodzi’, fast rising star Zonke Too Fresh is back with a new amapiano tune, ‘Kambuzi’.

Zonke’s ‘Kambuzi’ which has been released on Friday evening, is about two love birds who are sharing pieces of advice on minding their own business so they move forward together despite being mocked.

In the captivating hit, Zonke proves his creativity by narrating Malawi’s popular chitelera game, ‘kambuzi kali mkhonde’ where one plays a goat and another plays a hyena role.

In the game, the ‘goat’ is enclosed by other players who join hands to protect it from the predator, and if the hyena manages to break the joined hands, the the ‘goat’ is let to escape the jaws of the carnivore.

In this case, the lovers in the song are trying to protect each other from snatchers and encourages each other to give a deaf ear to insults about their relationships up until the haters illustrated in the song as ‘a fisi’, gets tired.

“Ambiri amanena/dzulo kunachema, amati amatinena/ati bae sitikhalana/ati ife tunamizana Akuyiwala kuti nane ndi munthu/ndimafuna chikondi/love is for two/tiye tizikondana/tisavele za anthu ayee,” goes the first verse.

In an interview with Malawi24, the Blantyre based Zonke Too Fresh who was born Zaithwa Mhone, said his 2023 banger seek to encourage lovers to keep on loving each other and mind their own business so as to succeed in their relationship.

“Relationships are either built by friends or destroyed by them. If two lovers focuses on themselves and their goals, they will prevail in life and people with bad energy towards them in this case ‘a fisi’, will get tired. Show all your love to your loved ones as long as they love you back, and let ‘a fisi’ atope, anthu osokoneza atope basi,” said Zonke.

The talented youthful star is so optimistic about his musical future and has since promised fans to expect nothing but hits of the year as he plans to drop all kinder genres which he says will win hearts.

“The future looks so bright and I feel like people are hungry for more. People should expect an Album from Zonke Too Fresh and if time allows we might start tours across the country. This is 2023 warm up song, Kambuzi,” he added.

Last year, the ‘Report’ hit maker, won the Maso Awards best male upcoming artist of the year after defeating Afana Ceez, Mellz, Dear Josh and Lil Twessa.

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