Chakwera’s presidential caucus was unnecessary — APM


Former head of state Peter Mutharika says the presidential caucus that was organised by President Lazarus Chakwera was not necessary as the Malawi leader needed to do such meetings with technicians not politicians.

Last week, President Chakwera announced to have invited the country’s former heads of state to a presidential caucus where he said they will discuss on how they can work together in responding to the effects of cyclone Freddy.

The Malawi leader said he had sent official invitation letters to former presidents Mutharika, Joyce Banda and Bakili Muluzi to the meeting which was held on Thursday, 23rd March, 2023 at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre but the DPP leader was no where to be seen.

Speaking to one of the local media houses in a recorded interview that was aired on Saturday 26th March, Mutharika said he felt the meeting was unnecessary and that is why he did not attended.

Mutharika said the official invitation letter from president Chakwera, reached him on Wednesday night 22nd March, 2023 and claimed it never explained the agenda of the meeting.

He further said besides that, the devastation that has been caused by the effects of cyclone Freddy is so dire and added that Chakwera needed to meet professionals who would technically guide him what to do and not the three ex-presidents.

“I got the official invitation letter last night (22nd March, 2023), he really invited me. It was not clear what the agenda was. I feel that the meeting was not necessary at this particular time, so I did not attend.

“I think if you want collective action, you probably need technical people and others, I didn’t see the reason to bring politicians and politics into this. This looked like a political stunt to many people including many advisors and others.

“Do you think former heads of state would really contribute to this? This is not political, its a technical thing now. We should think of how do we construct this country back, how to put those people in the shelters back to their places or new places. I don’t know how politicians can solve that,” said Mutharika.

The former Malawi leader further said that he sent a message of apology to President Chakwera that he will not be able to attend the presidential caucus.

Mutharika’s absence from the meeting attracted mixed views from the general public as a certain quarter criticised him for snubbing the meeting while others said he made a good decision not to attend the presidential caucus.

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