TNM Mpamba launches Mpamba Kashi-Kashi promotion


TNM Mpamba Limited, a subsidiary of TNM Plc, has unveiled
Mpamba Kashi Kashi promotion to reward Mpamba customers and agents across the country.

Mpamba Kashi Kashi has been unveiled to share the multiple benefits that the mobile platform is providing such as enhancement of financial inclusion as well as encouraging digital transactions.

“Our Mpamba platform is making a significant impact to the social economic development country. Therefore, the promotion aims at engaging our key stakeholders thus urge customers to enhance their experience on digital transactions,” said TNM Acting Executive Officer, Lloyd Gowera.

Gowera said Mpamba Kashi Kashi promotion will empower customers and agents economically with the fabulous cash prizes.

“At TNM Mpamba we are aware of the country’s economic situation which has impacted customers and agents. Therefore, as a Malawian company we would like to help them win numerous cash prizes with the promotion,” he said

The promotion which will run for three months is expected to reward 1344 customers and 840 agents across the country.

“Our goal is to encourage mobile transactions which is now a lifestyle for every customer. Every two weeks, customers and agents will be winning prizes ranging from K25,000 to K100,000. First winner will be getting K100,000, second will get K50,000 and third winner K25,000 during the bi-weekly draws,” said the Acting CEO.

During the grand draw, Mpamba Kashi Kashi will turn 28 customers into millionaires, one customer from from each district in the country.

“We always live by our core purpose of creating possibilities therefore through the promotion we are going to accomplish that. The final draw of the promotion will dish out K1 million to 28 customers. Furthermore, 28 agents will win K500,000 each strict,” added Gowera.

Mpamba Kashi-Kashi has simplified entry modalities where customers will participate after any tansaction of K500.

The promotion will run from 9th March to 6th June 2023.

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