Namadingo’s engagement trends


The engagement of Malawi music giant, Patience Namadingo, continues to trend.

Namadingo got engaged to Rehanna Rice at Machinjiri in Blantyre in May 2019. During the traditional engagement, the couple announced that they would wed in 2020.

While their wedding was postponed to a future date, Namadingo and Rice have a daughter. The couple is yet to announce a new date for a wedding.

The couple continues to trend as a result of that colorful 2019 engagement nearly 4 years later.

Namadingo is one of the biggest music artists in Southern Africa. His career goal is to be the first musician from Malawi to win a Grammy Award.

Namadingo is also a philanthropist with a base in both Malawi and Zambia. His mashup with iconic musician, Giddes Chalamanda took over TikTok.

The mashup has millions of views on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Namadingo remains one of the very few musicians from Malawi with several millions of views on YouTube.

He has produced multilingual songs featuring languages from different countries – a feat that fewer musicians can claim to have achieved.

Namadingo’s Biography: Age, Education and Music Career

Patience Namadingo was born on 28 May in 1989. He first signed to Ndefeyo Gospel, a sub-label under a local record company, Nde’feyo Entertainment. He is the first born in a family of three.

Namadingo hails from Kapalamula Village in the area of T/A Nsamala in Balaka district in the eastern of the Southern Malawi.

Namadingo – Rehanna Rice engagement ceremony

He also leads on Spotify as well as Apple Music and iTunes Store.


Growing up as a kid, Namadingo did his first years of primary school in Lilongwe, before his parents moved to the Northern City of Mzuzu. He did his secondary education at Chipasula Secondary School in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe.

Music Career

It is claimed that Namadingo studied music and arts at National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, South Africa. He kick started his music career as a gospel artist before switching to pop. It is further alleged that he formed his first boy-band of six youngsters which he called the Salvation Zone.

In 2007, he released his first EP titled Goseni. The album featured two songs from his mum and was released on 27 December.

In 2010, he released second album called Tiri ndi Yesu. He signed to Ndefeyo in November 2012. His latest album, YaSYMON has hit songs like Maury, Sakaka, Vinyl, Ng’wi Ng’wi, Pefekiti, Wazgolenge and Adowanna.

Namadingo signed a global music publishing and distribution deal with Universal Music’s Electromode Ingrooves in 2022.

Relationship & Marriage

Namadingo and his partner, Rehanna Rice, engaged in May 2019. He has dedicated several songs to his partner, Ms Rice. The couple planned to have a wedding in 2020. This was postponed. A new date is yet to be announced. Namadingo has a daughter.

Despite relocating to Zambia from Malawi, Namadingo contemplated obtaining a dual citizenship. He calls both countries home.