Malawi Police HR chief Stan Kaliza forced to retire following sexual abuse allegations


Stan Kaliza, Commissioner responsible for Human Resources, Management and Development at Malawi Police Service, has been forced to retire after being found guilty of abuse of office following allegations that he sexually abused over 40 female officers at the Malawi Police Service.

Kaliza allegedly sexually abused female police officers in exchange for promotions or recruitment of family members.

Director of Operations at the Police Service Commission, Brian Ng’oma has told the local media that Kaliza was found guilty on nine charges.

In November last year, screenshots were shared on WhatsApp and Facebook showing that Kaliza got sexual favours from over 40 police women.

Kaliza was allegedly sleeping with the women in exchange for promotions and deployment to peace keeping missions. In some cases, he was demanding sexual favours in exchange for recruitment of people into police service.

Meanwhile, activists have expressed concern that the forced retirement is not punishment since Kaliza will still receive enjoy his terminal benefits.

Malawi Police inquiry finds HR chief Kaliza guilty of office abuse

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