Malawi Police inquiry finds HR chief Kaliza guilty of office abuse


Malawi Police Service (MPS) board of inquiry has found suspended Director of Human Resource Management and Development, Stan Kaliza, guilty of abuse of office following allegations that Kaliza sexually abused over 40 female officers at the Malawi Police Service.

The board conducted the investigation after Kaliza was suspended from duty over the allegations.

The inquiry has found Kaliza guilty of abuse of his office and conduct to the prejudice of good discipline in the police service.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera has confirmed and has said the findings have been forwarded to the Malawi Police Service Commission for determination.

Under the Police Act, the commission has the mandate of disciplining senior police officers.

In November last year, screenshots were shared on WhatsApp and Facebook showing that Kaliza solicited sexual favours from over 40 police women.

Kaliza was demanding sex from the women in exchange for promotions and deployment to peace keeping missions. In some cases, he was demanding sexual favours in exchange for recruitment of people into police service.

Sex scandal hits Malawi Police