Thief killed after attempting to rob bank


People at Likuni in Lilongwe have stoned to death an armed robber who attempted to steal money at a First Capital Bank branch in the area.

The thief has been stoned to death after his attempt to steal money failed.

The thief’s guns
Police later arrived

Reports indicate that the yet to be identified robber entered the bank as a customer. He went to a teller and deman-ded to be given money.

When the teller told the robber that he could not withdraw money without withdrawal slip, the robber drew out one of his two guns and shot at the glass separating him and the teller.

After the gunshot, the teller handed cash to the robber. However, outside the bank, the robber failed to start his motorcycle.

Noticing that he could not get away, members of the public started pelting stones at the robber.

β€œHe kept shooting but people overpowered him. One person has of course been shot,” an eyewitness said.

Police later arrived at the scene but they are yet to comment on the incident.



    1. If you cannot give a life you have no right whatsoever to take another. I don’t agree with his actions….it was very wrong but if the main was justice the stolen money would’ve been returned. This just shows what hypocrites we are. If you wanna dish out justice you should either become a cop or become superman…… please learn the true definition of justice before you claim to practice it πŸ˜’

    2. They are not better if they are better why did they take the money if the main justice was there they were supposed to retain the money to the bank, they are evil killers they will face the judgment to God, I don’t think so if they took right decision to kill, kwalembedwa kuti usaphe

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