DPP MP rehabilitates 29 boreholes


Member of Parliament for Zomba Chingale, Lonnie Phiri of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), has provided borehole spare parts for the rehabilitation of broken boreholes following the rehabilitation of 29 other boreholes in Chingale area.

In an interview, Phiri observed that water is life as such people need reliable water sources to avoid risk of water borne diseases.

The parliamentarian said she had already rehabilitated 29 boreholes in Zomba Chingale and decided to rehabilitate other remaining boreholes that are not functioning.

“After rehabilitating 29 boreholes, l thought of providing boreholes spare parts to rehabilitate the remaining boreholes so that people should be able to drink from protected water sources,” said Phiri, adding that people in her area deserve good water and this was the reason she decided to rehabilitate the boreholes.

She therefore appealed to people in her area to take good care of the rehabilitated boreholes to ensure they remain functioning for a long time.

Area Development Committee (ADC) Chairperson in Chingale, Redson Sumani hailed the parliamentarian for providing the borehole spare parts saying people in Zomba Chingale had no reliable sources of good water after boles stopped functioning.

He expressed hope that people in Chingale area will be spared from waterborne diseases as they will not be drinking from unprotected water sources such as rivers and open wells is risky.

“The rehabilitation of boreholes will address water problem in the area because    people in the area will be protected from waterborne diseases,” the ADC Chairperson added.

He therefore called on people in the area to avoid vandalising the boreholes so that the boreholes should continue to serve the people.