Motorists evading toll gate payments


Motorists are evading toll gate fees at Chingeni Toll Plaza by using by using alternative routes where they are required to pay a small amount to pass through roadblocks erected by communities.

Government started collecting fees at Chingeni Toll-Plaza on M1 road earlier this month. Small vehicles are required to pay K1,700 while minibuses are charged K3,400 to pass through the toll gate.

However, drivers of minibuses and small vehicles are skirting the payments by using the community routes.

According to whistle-blower Gerald Kampanikiza, on the dusty roads there are three points where residents have erected roadblocks and motorists are asked to pay K100 at each point.

“The road, despite being bumpy and dusty, remains cheap and manageable to many motorists than the ‘high’ fees being implemented at the toll gates,” said Kampanikiza.

Meanwhile, the Roads Funds Administration (RFA) has said it is looking at ways to deal with the issue.

RFA Spokesperson, Masauko Ngwaluko, has told the local media that the institution is closely investigating the matter.

Some social media users have since urged government to reduce the toll gate fees to a level where it will become insignificant to use the alternative roads.

“They must slightly lower the fees. Because at the end of the day many motorists will be shunning it hence low revenue. Better to lower the fees and maximize on revenue. When u increase service fees compliance becomes a gargantuan challenge,” said one person.