Kaliati removes children from pubs, resthouses

Minister of Gender and Community Development Patricia Kaliati and Malawi Police officers have rescued several children from drinking joints and resthouses where they were involved in sex work.

The operation by Kaliati and the Malawi Police officers targeted various resthouses at Biwi in the capital city.

Officers were going room by room in the resthouses searching for the girls. Several children aged below 16 were rescued during the operation.

Kaliati and the police officers conducted the operation following a tip which the Ministry of Gender got from anonymous sources.

Malawians have since hailed Kaliati for the initiative but have urged the government to assist the children so that they should not be forced back into prostitution.

Raymundo Ray said: “A proper follow up should be put in place so that these young stars are given all what it takes to upgrade themselves.”

Another social media user said: “There is a need to rehabilitate them socially and empower the same economically.”

Some social media users also called for the closure of the resthouses and pubs where the minors were staying.