Castel Managers sexually harassing young women


Castel Malawi Senior Managers have been accused of sexually abusing young women.

These allegations were made in a written communication sent to management via the Castel Malawi Workers Union (CAMAWU) to the management of the company.

The Communication denotes sexual harrasment incidents happening mostly to young ladies who have been recently employed by their respective Senior Managers in exchange for work favours.

Castel Malawi Management who may include the very same people who are abusing the young women has acknowledged receiving the memo by Workers Union.

“Management has received with deep regret, written communication of ongoing sexual harassment occurring within the Castel Malawi Limited workplace,” reads part of the statement Malawi 24 has seen, acknowledging the cancerous conduct that is allegedly rampant at Castel Malawi.

Comments on social media, describe the statement issued by the company as weak on the basis that it doesn’t say the culprits will be fired for the obnoxious conduct.


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  1. Company ija nja mahule kuyambila ili Sobo, Carlsbetg mpaka lero ndiye apo ndi nothing strange.

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