Zambian President Lungu gets dizzy during military event


Zambian President Edgar Lungu, 64, experienced sudden dizziness during a military event on Sunday, raising concerns about his health ahead of presidential elections in August.

Lungu this morning presided over the 45th Defence Force Day as Commander-in-chief of the Defence Forces in Zambia.

According to Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Simon Miti, Lungu experienced sudden dizziness during the event but he recovered immediately, walked to his car and returned to the State house.

“The President wishes to assure the general public and all concerned citizens and the international community that he is well and has continued to discharge his duties as Head of State, Government and Commander in Chief of the Defence Force,” Miti said.

Zambians have since expressed concern over their president’s health and some have asked him to take a rest.

“What really happened to him? Everything stopped unceremoniously. He was about to honor the Deputy ZNS commander and then everything went quiet. We hope and pray that He is really,” said one person.

Johnny Sitali said: “When your body is communicating, it’s good to listen, retirement doesn’t mean one has lost awe..Nivi life chabe ivi after.”

Lungu later posted a video of himself inspecting a fish pond at the State House. Some Zambians said the video was aimed at deflecting concerns about is health.

“Sir no need of proving anyone that you are fit, it’s your health, just get some rest sir, we know that you are fine.,” said Brian Mainza.

While Eugene Mulenga said: “This is not necessary. Let the man go and rest. It wouldn’t be a nice thing if he now fell from a chair. Because seriously who catches fish ninshi nauma four?”

Lungu has been president of Zambia since 2015, serving the remainder of his predecessor’s term for about 20 months before being elected for a full term in 2016. He is seeking another term in the 2021 elections.