Gwamba pisses on 3rd Eye: Calls him stupid man

It never rains but pours for veteran hip-hop artist 3rd Eye having been branded as a stupid man by gospel musician Gwamba.

Gwamba could not help it but take off his “born again Christian” robe and spit venom at his former partner. In a tweet, the gospel hip-hop artist blames people for touting 3rd Eye who has proven to be unreasonable.

“And some of you still hype that stupid man,” reads his tweet.


3rd Eye whose real name is Mandela Mwanza has been firing slurs at Kananji in the course of their cold war which has taken centre stage on Twitter

In the midst of their battle, Mandela reported King to his father, politician and former chief secretary to the government Bright Msaka the previous day.

This, did not go well with some people that they felt Mandela crossed the battle lines. They believe it is not sensible to involve parents in fights that do not involve them.

However, some people defend Mwanza arguing he was provoked. They believe his reaction is in line with the fight.

“Kananji started all this, he was the first to dis 3rd Eye through his song. As if that is not enough, he went on to call him a motherfucker. So yeah, he was pushed,” Commented Paul Mgombe

The two rappers are fighting for the local hip-hop crown. Since Mandela is considered to be one of Malawi`s finest rappers, Kananji believes he is better than his counterpart.