M*nyi amanu – Third Eye curses Kananji’s dead mother

3rd Eye Malawi

Once an Emperor of battle raps. Not anymore. It is without denying that many have fallen before him. But now, David has defeated the pint-sized Goliath of the rap game, Mandela 3rd Eye Mwanza, who after realising he had lost his King-of-the-Mic crown decided to curse his nemesis, King Kananji’s dead mother – drawing the ire of Malawi Twitter including his closest allies.

Third Eye, tweebs said, instigated the beef that he has now lost. He is said to have called out King Kananji for sharing a song by Q Aura who had set shots at Mandela. Kananji stood his ground. The Twar set off.



Initially Third Eye won the Twar with his Twitter fingers. When Kananji said he shared the song as a way of promoting upcoming artists, 3rd Eye responded with an uppercut that many thought would burry Kananji. But the Tweebs who wrote off Kananji were wrong. The fight raged on.



Kananji’s “bar for bar I got you. Start being humble bro” was the matchstick needed to spark the inferno. Third Eye said he was Bar-for-Bar War Ready. No more Twitter fingers. What came next was Fire in the booth!

Kananji’s tweet clearly rattled Mandela, arguably Malawi’s HipHop Godzilla who later claimed to have been making over K30 million off rap unlike his archnemesis.




Others, however, found the bragging off-beat.


Having dared Kananji to the Bar-for-Bar King of the Mic battle, Mandela returned after about 1 hour 30 minutes to tout his opponent as to what was the cause for the delay for the first set of bars to drop.


What followed was a real cliffhanger. Five minutes after that tweet, Mandela’s itching Twitter fingers returned. Openly now rather than subliminally, Third Eye challenged Kananji with a direct tweet.

@KingKananji why don’t you start showing us today how you can go bar for bar with Third Eye. The streets are waiting. All I need is two hours tops after I hear your best shot at the KING that birthed your first studio session. Get busy youngin” he tweeted.


Mandela’s fanbase elevated him with “All Hail the King!’ tweets. But a big disappointment, they should have braced themselves for. Kananji responded to Mandela with a befitting meme 7 minutes later. 

But Mandela’s was not done with his Twar. He threw another subliminal jab by employing a very disrespectful Jamaican curse – one that has recently been made more popular here by Grime, a genre of UK hiphop. Mandela urged King Kananji and his lieutenants to “go suck their mothers” – a jab he delivered in Patois.


At 7:18pm, Kananji teased his End of An Error part 1 with a corresponding poster. 7:32pm, Third Eye responded with a poster for his 51 and 0.


8:39pm, Kananji’s End of An Error part 1 dropped, anticipating a reaction from Third Eye with a possible sequel, End of An Error part 2.

In part 1, one bar stood out.

“Tryna get fame off your People’s pain? You should be ashamed/You ain’t worthy of your government name/Madiba getting ethered by an English speaker (damn),” reads part of the lyrics.

3rd Eye
Twitter fingers

Third Eye had to respond. And he responded. But it was not 2 hours later as he had promised earlier on. His 51 and 0 dropped several hours later on Joy Nathu’s Made On Monday. No one except 3rd Eye knows what happened to the 2 hours ‘most’.

What we know, however, is that in between End of An Error part 1 and 51 and 0, Third Eye who according to Kananji is not worthy his government name of Mandela continued to put his Twitter fingers to use.

All this was despite being called a 3-eyed BABY.

May be the delay was foretaling what would become of the Godzilla in this fight. An extinct T-rex.  Poster for Third Eye’s first release had an “error”, dated 9th instead of 10th as the release date. This was rectified but several hours later. All foretelling the End – of An Error.

When 51 and 0 was finally premiered, not 2 hours after End of An Error Part 1, but 25 hours and 24 minutes later, fans gave their first verdict. Others thought Kananji was dead and buried. Some said he needed resuscitating.

The memes flowed.


Like Mandela, Kananji also took his time for the second drop – which ended it the Beef with 3rd Eye 6 feet under. End of An Error Part 2 dropped at 8pm on the 11th May. But less than 24 hours after 51 and 0.

The Part 2 was loaded. It rattled 3rd Eye’s nerves referred to as a Motherf***er. Third Eye responded with two more tracks. Late Lunch [Ndidya Koma Mochedwa] and Last Supper. The latter should have been the last nail. But Third Eye was not having it. His twitter fingers turned rabid, becoming WhatsApp fingers.

The heat was too much for him as he reported his arch-nemesis to his father, politician Bright Msaka. Snitching. But he yielded nothing apart from being labeled a bad loser by Twitter Malawi. A big L was handed on a silver platter to Third Eye who was the first person who told Kananji and his fanbase to suck their mums.


Third Eye was not done. He sto0ped to the lowest point imaginable by cursing Kananji’s mother who died about a decade ago, in 2011 with a tweet muddled with expletives, which forced Twitter Malawi to round him up as a sore loser.


In highsight, one can evidently say and rightly so that when 3rd Eye claimed to being game for the the Bar-To-Bar fight, ‘he didn’t see King Kananji coming’. All hail King ‘David’ Kananji, Twitter Malawi declared.






Meanwhile, 3rd Eye’s long time collaborator, Dominant 1 emerged as the voice of reason. He urged the two warring MCs to bury the hatchet and make amends. Of course, a defeated Third Eye has previously been described to behave like a rabid dog.