Rute joins Islam following threats over her life


… Comedian stays mum

South African based female comedian Rute has joined Islamic religion a few days after her life was subjected to threats.

The Malawian lady posted a video on social media which is considered to be a mockery to Islam.

In the video, she asks people of the said religious community to cut short their fasting season because the physical sign which appears to mark the end of the period, has appeared through her private parts.

This did not go well with Muslims that they asked her to join them or prepare for the worst. For fear of the undisclosed punishment, the comedian is reported to have been spotted in a Mosque recently.

Pictures that are in circulation on social media, show the Capetown based artist in a Mosque clad in Islamic outfit. However, others believe the pictures which have gone viral on social media are old ones.

Meanwhile, Rute is yet to comment on the matter. Her alleged move has attracted a mixed reaction on social media. Some people believe she has only done that to dodge the unspecified punishment, while others consider her move to be genuine.

“This is a fake move, that’s not how we dress in Islam. I understand it is her first time but if she really converted to Islam she should have done a research,” said Mona Mdoka

“Welcome to Islam the religion of peace my sister. You have done what was expected of you,” commented Mussa Mkwala.

Rute is synonymous with speaking in a Chichewa dialect which is common in the central religion, in her comedy works. She is one of the most followed comic figures in the country.