Police officers arrested for aiding illegal immigrants


Ten police officers have been arrested in Kasungu on allegations that they received bribes to assist illegal immigrants pass through checkpoints.

Six of the arrested offices are Assistant Superintendent Michael Mphande, Sub Inspector Noel Mwendelire, Sub Inspector Handra Manda, Sub Inspector Chimwemwe Kalilani, Sergeant Andrew Elias and Sergeant Phillip Mangulenje.

The officers are accused of assisting 17 illegal immigrants from Ethiopia and Somalia to pass through roadblocks and move freely within the country.

Some of the officers committed the offence at Chisazima roadblock on April 2 this year. Another incident involved police officers on vehicle patrol.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera said the officers reportedly received the bribes through mobile money service. They were arrested at by officers from the Criminal Investigations Department.

“Their move was busted by CID officers who intercepted the illegal activity at Chilanga area in Kasungu district on April 2, 2021,” said Kadadzera.

The arrested police officers are in police custody at Kasungu Police Station and are likely to answer charges of aiding illegal immigrants, abuse of office and corrupt practices.