Merchants buying old 1 tambala coins at MK200 thousand each in Mzuzu


Business moguls in Mzuzu are buying old 1 tambala coins at a minimum price of MK250 thousand each as the search for the currency goes dire.

In an interview, the merchants, who pleaded for anonymity declined to divulge more information on the rationale for buying such old, almost ‘useless’ coins.

“That is not an issue. We just need the coins. As for the uses, leave that to us,”  said one of them.

The seemingly monied people, mostly, affluent and boastful of being to other continents due to their business success, told this reporter that should someone have old 5 tambala coins instead of the highly demanded 1 tambala coins, they would buy that at MK100 thousand per coin.

“5 tambala coins. The old ones. With a bird with one leg high. Can be bought, anyway, at a lesser price than the pinkish 1 tambala. Those coins are direly needed,” remarked one of the traders.

Separate findings, though rubbished by the vendors in question, indicate that the coins are used in occults.

According to one of the traditional doctors in Mzimba, the coins are paid as sacrifice in some secret societies.

“So, each 1 tambala coin costs about MK1 million there. Most people that are fond of cutting corners flock to such fortune givers,” he said.

“Usually,” added the Sangoma, “Such spiritual fathers are found in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro area.”

Other schools of thought claim that the money is given to some big fishes, the likes of sharks, which vomits gold upon swallowing the coins.

“So, that’s what I know. I’ve been searching the same money for the past years in vain. But, I had a ready client in Zambia who pledged to buy them at MK500 thousand each,” said another cross-border trader.

Much aware that the trade contravenes the Central Banks regulations, the business transactions are carried out in privy, black markets.