Gwamba, Martse reunite


Two Malawian hip hop heavyweights, Gwamba and Martse, have decided to put to bed their differences.

As a proof that there is no bad blood between them, the two have worked together on a song entitled Bwanji. Gwamba has revealed that the tune will be freed on 10th May.

The collaboration comes years after they worked together in the industry. This, has brought smiles on their fans.

“Am blessed with this message, am impressed to the maximum. My heart is finally settled that two great artist of our generation have addressed their differences,” reads Gideon Mkwala’s comment.

It is not clear if the song is gospel or secular in nature. Ever since Gwamba whose full name is Duncan Gwambaike Zgambo switched to gospel, he has been preaching positive message in his songs.

It is a different story for Martse as he has been producing diss songs among others. One of the Mwapindulanji star’s victim is award winning hip hop artist Fredokiss.

Perhaps, good working relationships between Malawian hip hop artists will take the industry to greater heights. Malawi’s hip hop music is yet to have an impact internationally.

Since Gwamba is making strides to gain international exposure by working with South African top artists, he can easily help his countrymen to export their work.