Move over Likiliki, Chokhalira takes over

Glory days are over for Likiliki on the local gospel music scene following the coming in of Hannah Moyo’s Chokhalira which has taken the industry by storm.

Chokhalira has managed to silence the Chiyanjano Women Choir’s product, a few days after coming to life. The song which is filled with drama, encourages people to repent if they are to escape God’s severe punishment.

“Yesu wakwiya bad/ukapanda kusintha akuchosa chokhalira/usiye kusuta, kumwa, uhule (Jesus is very angry at you/if you don’t repent, brace up for severe punishment/stop smoking, drinking and prostitution), sounds part of the song

Chokhalira which literally means buttocks, is a fusion of hip-hop and afro genres. Just like Likiliki, it has a catchy rap part.

The song has attracted a mixed reaction from the receiving end. Some people believe it is good while others argue that it is a mockery to Christianity and Jesus at large.

“I like this song, it is good. What matters is the message and not the style in which it has been delivered,” commented Henry Mtukule.

Fungai Chokhalira also commented, “People are playing too much with Jesus name. People should stop finding their way to fame using such means, it is dangerous.”

Chokhalira, Likiliki and a dancehall song which was also done by women are buzzing in the meantime. They all have a comic element.