Two children drown in Kasungu

Two children aged 10 and 13 drowned on Saturday in separate incidents in Kasungu.

The boy aged 10 drowned in Loti dam while the girl drowned in Lisasadzi river.

Kasungu Police Publicist Station Harry Namwaza identified the boy as Armstrong Kalinde and the girl as Aida Banda.

Namwaza said the boy together with his 12-year-old brother went to the dam in question to swim. After swimming, they started off home but just after they had walked few meters, the boy changed his mind of going back home and asked his brother to return to the dam to continue swimming.

“On this second swimming session, it is alleged that, immediately the boy jumped in the water he drowned and his brother could not do anything to rescue him,” he said.

In the second incident, Aida Banda with her friends went to Lisasadzi river to swim. Upon entering into the river, she also got drowned.

Postmortem results for both cases showed that the children died due to suffocation.

Armstrong Kalinde hailed from Traditional Authority Mawawa while Aida Banda hailed from Goliat village, Traditional Authority Kaomba in Kasungu district.